Becoming parents for the very first time can be equally thrilling and terrifying. It’s a mixed feeling of excitement and joy on one hand and frustration and fear on the other. My experience of parenting moves around many unanswered questions which I thought I knew. Why can’t I soothe my crying baby? When will he hold his head? Why is he peeing so often? Every new parent is over concerned about the growth and development of their baby. No one can become a pro parent over the night, but don’t worry we all can manage the concerns and worries of parenting very easily.

1. Weight gain: Number one concern of every parent. My champ was a lil underweight during birth and this hit me a lot. “Is he gaining enough weight?” This was the only thing I asked my husband multiple number of times a day. Being a breast-feeding mom, I was not able to measure the amount of milk and was constantly worried for his diet. New parents are very much worried about the growth of their child and weight gain is one important concern that every parent faces in the initial days.

2. Latching: This again is something that terrified me a lot. Positioning. Latch. Engorgement. Low Milk supply. Every day I was facing either of these and to be true, it was manageable. Breastfeeding is a skill that every mom and baby must know, and it develops with practice. New moms get very nervous when it comes to breast feeding but trust me, time resolves everything.

3. Lacking Sleep: Sleepless nights are a part of parenthood and trust me, we moms adjust to it quite quickly. Babies eat a lot and that’s the reason why new moms are always deprived of good sleep. With time, your little one gets adjusted to the sleep routine and that’s when things get back to normal.

4. Vaccinations: Keeping your child healthy is what most parents try to do. Vaccinations are a part of child’s safety and delaying them may cause complications. I too had ample questions regarding the schedule but the fact is vaccines prevent diseases and save lives. To all the newbie parents, get going with the schedule of your baby’s vaccination as it is of utmost importance.

5. Crying, crying and lot of crying: Is he having gastric issues? Is he feeling too hot or too cold? Is he hungry? And what not? Babies have only one language and that’s crying. But if you listen carefully, they have a different cry for different reasons. Once you figure out what the reason is, you can soothe your baby.

6. Reaching Milestones: Day by day, month by month, your baby will master many skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and talking. Every parent get anxious about the development and growth of their baby but it’s important to know that every child is different and you should avoid comparing your baby to others. Rather than obsessing over things you should simply focus on the progress.

7. When to call the baby doctor: The toughest question. During the first year, your baby will face many issues like colds and fevers. It becomes hard to know when to call a doctor. Be in touch of any experienced mom, be it your mom or your mil or any of your friends. Keep basic medicines handy and maintain good hygiene habit.


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