Before I start any further, I would like to share that I have been asked to write on this topic. 🙂

With this being said, I am not claiming myself as “someone who knows it all” but as someone who intends to share tips that have helped me manage stuff & live a sorted life (most of the times).

Most of us live under Constant Pressure & HUGE Stress. If we look closely, the amount of stress we get from our school, college, office is limited & can be managed well once we take few steps like:

1. Don’t carry your work home: Work never ends! It’s true but one got to balance. You should know where to stop, where to put that laptop to sleep & head out for a short walk or play with kids, enjoy nature or do whatever distresses you but keep it gadget free.

2. Don’t Compete: “Flowers don’t compete, they just bloom” & just like flowers, we should focus on our core competency. Enhancing our skills, acquiring new skills, polishing our talents & maintaining a healthy balance in our respective life is what should be for our Prime focus.

3. Nurture a Hobby: If you seek balance in life, its very vital to find a hobby that makes your heart happy & you look forward to that time slot in a week. Be it singing, dancing, pottery or anything that you wanted to learn since you were a child…just go & register yourself for it. Don’t let the judgemental society tell you what you should be focusing on or what age you should be pursuing it. Just go out there & do it!!

4. Pray / Meditate: Spiritual evolvement will always act as an anchor to your life. No matter who you follow, how you pray or meditate. Just keep yourself involved in some spiritual sense and on top of it BE GRATEFUL for whatever you have. Whatever it is, just be grateful!!

5. Be Kind: “My religion is simple, its kindness”. ~ His Highness Dalai Lama. Although its a simple sentence & doesn’t involve much of an effort, being kind is the most difficult & rarest thing to experience these days. We all are so self focused that we forget to be kind to other fellow beings. Be kind to your colleagues, neighbors, fellow drivers, maids & all in all everybody. Try this for a week & you will see the better person in you.

Now, once you have tried a few tips listed above, most of your stress should be well taken care of. However, with that being said, if you still feel restless & stressful, I will definitely suggest you to discuss things with someone you trust, someone who can give you prospective from 3rd person viewpoint.


Let me know if this article helped you! I will be eager to know your ways to handle stress too.



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