A lot of parents feel that kids do not understand anything and end up blurting out unnecessary things. Such kids would grow with a life full of remorse and dejection, and they would also start to develop an attitude of hatred towards everyone and everything that they see and come across. Unless and until parents at home do not understand the impact of vocabulary and the words affect the child’s growth drastically then, such parents would always end up making mistakes of saying things that are taboo to their children. In this article, we are largely focusing on what you should not be saying to your kids. These tips can help you to understand the most important tricks on parenting.

  • Never tell your kids that you hate them

Most of the parents make this mistake. Even by a slip of your tongues, you should never utter these three words. These words can cause damages beyond your imagination. The kids that hear such words turn out to become rebellious most of the time and indulge in activities that can hamper their lives.

  • Do not lie to them

You may be under the impression that your kids can’t spot the difference between the truth and lies. But, kids are pretty smart, and as parents, if you are lying, your kids would also end up developing the same qualities in their life.

  • Never ever tell them that they are ugly.

Most of the parents compare their kids to others and start labeling them as ugly, fat, short, tall, and with many more things. You, as parents, might be assuming that the kids would not feel bad, but, as kids, they would go through a lot of trauma. Hence, this is one of the things to avoid.

  • Don’t tell them that everything is fine

Make sure to be truthful about your circumstances to your children. When you hide things, it might be fine only for a while, but, later your kids might not appreciate it. It is always better to be open-minded with your kids, instead of telling them everything is fine.

  • Being proud is good, saying it isn’t

Being proud of your kids is great because every parent would certainly feel the same towards their children but, telling them openly about it might not be the right thing to do. As parents, you must guide them to stay humble, and when you tell them that you are proud, they will start feeling superior, and this can make them choose the wrong paths as well.

  • I’ll always be there

Your kids should learn to become independent, and if you keep telling them that you would always be around them might make them lose faith in everything they do. They would start depending on you even for the small things.
Well, these are a few things that should never be uttered to your children. While a few of these points are pretty simple in nature, not following them can cause quite a lot of damages to your kid’s future lives.


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