Motherhood is a blessing. The day you get confirmation about the little bundle of joy growing inside you, things start changing. Your baby gets the whole attention and you love this feeling.

Those nine months of pregnancy are beautiful and incredible but once the baby is born the world gets upside down. Sleepless nights, soiled diapers and a piece of advice from every other person is what a mother gets as a reward. Not only your family, but everyone will give you unnecessary tips on parenting and I am sure after listening them, you will want to bang your head.

Today, I will be sharing some of the weirdest things that every new mom has to listen.

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps : No, I mean Why? I am not sleepy. Maybe I want to spend some time alone watching my favorite show or I want to be with my husband. I have a routine and above all I can’t sleep anytime. Sorry to burst the bubble, new moms couldn’t get enough sleep for like an year but that doesn’t mean that she can sleep everytime the baby sleeps. And if you are so much worried about her nap, go do some laundry on her behalf or cook some delicious food!

2. Your baby is Hungry : Crying baby is not always hungry. There can be a lots of other reasons bothering him. He might be feeling cold or hot. He might have colic pain or he just simply wants to be held. A newborn cries for many unknown reasons but the only advice you get when baby cries is to feed him. Come on, I am her mom and I will never let him stay hungry. I just fed him a couple of minutes ago. This advice is a complete shocker and you get to hear this a lot.

3. Don’t Eat This, Don’t Eat That : As a feeding mother, every lady needs some eating advice. But constantly pointing at her plate doesn’t make any sense. I remember how my neighbours told me to eat lots of cumin to increase the supply. A nursing mother needs to eatch her diet but a constant nudge at her food habits will surely take you in her bad books.

4. Are you getting Enough Supply? Aren’t you fed up of asking this nonsensical question to every other new mother? This one is another piece of crap that people ask. Please spare me. After feeding my baby for like 2 hours, you are asking me that Am I getting enough milk? Where on earth do you get these thoughts? I guess this is the last question every mom would like to hear.

5. This too shall Pass: Yes. Indeed. The new mommy phase will bid a bye followed by more tough and challenging phases like weaning, teething and walking. So, all the new mommies, be prepared for something more challenging.

To all the new Moms, you all are wonderful and doing a great job.

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Cheers to you and your baby🤘


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