Valentine’s day need not be only celebrated with one another they can be celebrated with your girl gang who had been with you through thick and thin that is why we celebrate Galentine’s day. Galentine’s day can be very fun and it is also a pretty underappreciated day. It is the day where we show all our love and appreciation to our gal friends and make them feel all cuddled up with love.

 In this article, we are going to talk about ways in which you can celebrate Galentine’s day with your gal friends effectively so it becomes a day to remember.

A movie time

Get with your girls prepare popcorn and all your snacks and start watching movies on Netflix or any other streaming platform. The K- Drama or Rom-coms’ is a very good choice for it. This will help you feel the emotions of the movie along with your girls which makes it a wholesome experience.

Exchange gifts

Gifts are always a pleasant surprise so show your love by sharing gifts with your girl buddies. It should be more of a thoughtful gift than a material one also attach some notes with you’re handwriting and pictures together.

This will leave a warm effect on them making them all feel loved and cared for. Doing this with your girl gang and sending gifts to each other is one of the very best ideas as it makes your bond between them and your sisterhood stronger. But remember to keep a budgetary limit and don’t overspend on expensive gifts it’s the thought that counts


Cooking your girl gang members’ favorite meal is a really good idea than going out for lunch, brunch or drinks cause cooking yourself has a personal touch that the others can’t replicate. This will again make them feel you are there for them, understand them, and love them.

Cooking is also a great fun activity if it is done properly with your friends. But even with this pandemic or girls are far away from each other you can set up a face time and do the cooking with the video call on.


Send chocolates to your girl besties and see that they have different varieties in them. Then set up a group video call and start a guessing game of what does the chocolate tastes like. It is a really fun idea cause who doesn’t like to eat chocolates and you also get to play with your besties which is a win-win situation

There are particular gift boxes for it wherein there are different varieties of chocolate this is the best product for the given idea

Start a who knows who best game

You can play a game wherein you all ask questions about yourself and the others have to guess the right answer. This will make you know who knows about you very well and how close you are with your group and who are closer to each other specifically and thus understand the dynamics of the group thoroughly.

Which can help you in different ways like if you want to give a gift to your girl bestie you know who knows her the best.

Ice cream

Go to a nice ice cream parlor with your girl besties and have a wonderful day of having your favorite tastiest yummy ice creams. This will be a great hang-out plan cause you will not be full and have a nice time chatting with each other catching up on what your besties have been up to.

We have reached the end of the article wh hope you had got some valuable points on how to make your valentines day the one to remember and cherish with your girl besties and strengthen your sisterhood.

If you have any great ideas or plans then feel free to comment below.


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