To start with I would ask one question. When was the last time you felt that what happened with you is what you have always wanted? We barely live our lives. What we do is just play the role assigned to us. I want to know why we have never thought of using the power of the subconscious mind which God has gifted us. The answer is we are unaware of the power of the subconscious mind and how we can utilise it.

Way back in my college I had attended one workshop which completely changed my life. It changed my life because I learnt how to visualise and utilise the power of the subconscious mind. I learnt that day that everything happening around us can be controlled by us. We can actually make things in accordance with our dreams and choices.

What I want to share with you here is that very trick which helps to manifest life. Popularly known as visualisation, it helps to awaken the power of the subconscious mind.

Here I am providing a set of instructions to attain the desired result by visualisation.

Steps of “Visualisation”

● Sit at a quiet place and make sure nobody is there to disturb you. play some relaxation music which can help you to meditate.
● While sitting in Gyan mudra, command your body to relax. your relaxation commands should start from your toe to your brain cells.
● Once you feel that your body is relaxed now it is time to attend the “Alpha state” of mind. Alpha state is a state of mind where the subconscious mind is awakened and is ready to take the instructions.
● Imagine a golden letter where you are standing at the 10th step now count in rivers that are from 10 to 1 to reach the Alpha state.
● On the count of 1 you would be in Alpha state.
● Now it is time to visualise everything that you want in your life. You need to see it as a picture, fill colours, emotions and make yourself believe that what you are saying is actually happening.
● Once you see what you want now it is time to get back to the real state of mind. For that count 1 to 10 and gently open your eyes.

Take care of these things

To make your visualisation successful you need to take care of the following things.
1) Practice it daily
2) Have faith and patience
3) Avoid any negativity or discouragement towards your visualisation
4) Don’t give up even if you see things are not happening in accordance with your visualisation.
5) While practicing visualisation see everything as reality. Belief is the key to make visualisation successful.

My experience!

Whether it is about getting a college of my choice for my master’s degree or even losing weight in no time without any rigorous exercise visualisation has gifted me unbelievable things in life. more than anything else it helps to lead a peaceful and a positive life which is a precious thing to have nowadays. I wish all of us can practice this and get better results out of it. It is only 20 to 30 minutes of your routine and by investing only this much time you can have a gem of a life.


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