If you are active in instagram, you must be aware of the latest trend, hot chocolate bombs that are all rage this season. Marshmallows, confetti and cocoa wrapped in a chocolate shell which when dipped in hot milk, yields a sinful and creamy cup of hot chocolate. A warm drink that is mostly enjoyed during winters can now be easily made at home.

Hot chocolate bombs involve same ingredients as that of the original hot chocolate recipe. The interesting thing is that it is presented beautifully in a form of a ball decorated and filled with sprinklers and confetti. All the components of hot chocolate are filled inside a molten chocolate bomb and then refrigerated in order to harden up, with ingredients inside. Once the hot chocolate bombs are made, hot creamy milk is poured over them to explode.

Being a home baker, I have also tapped into this funny trend. These are super magical and delicious way to make hot cocoa and also are a good gifting option. When followed a correct recipe they turn out to be super scrumptious and mouth melting. I experimented a little with the flavor and size and made various flavors like Nutella, classic, white chocolate with butterscotch and chocochips. Making these ia fun and interesting. I decided to make these after seeing the trend on social media. It is an exciting way of drinking hot chocolate and is perfect for the season.

Though they are simple to make but require patience and precision. Hot chocolate shells are delicate and must be handled with care. For making bombs, you need to melt chocolate and put them into moulds to make some. Then put some marshmallows, cocoa and candies or confetti and seal them with another shell. The only thing that needs to be care of is that chocolate bombs tend to break if you don’t handle them properly. But again, they look pretty and are a beautiful gift to give to friends or family.

Here is a quick and simple recipe to make classic hot chocolate bombs.

● 1 cup dark chocolate
● ½ loop cup rich cocoa
● ½ cup chopped marshmallows
● ½ cup colorful sprinklers

1. Melt chocolate over a double boiler or mivrowave it for 1 minute.
2. Now pour some chocolate on the bomb moulds to form hollow shells.
3. Let them rest for half hour.
4. In a bowl mix cocoa, marshmallows and confetti.
5. Fill the shells with cocoa and marshmallows mixture.
6. Now seal the filled shell with an empty shell dipped in chocolate to form a bomb.
7. Let them rest for about 30 minutes.
8. Decorate the bombs with colorful sprinklers.
9. At the time of serving, put the bomb in a cup and pout hot milk over it.
10. Stir and enjoy.

Have you tried your hands on these beautiful and trending chocolate bombs? If not, what are you waiting for? Weekend is here and you must enjoy the winters with a cup of sinful hot cocoa. We are sure your kids are going to drool over this drink. Try it on and do share your experience with us.


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