Being the offsprings of such parents are beyond our control. So, there is nothing that can be done to arrest the situation from occurring. There are many bad shots, being born to a father or a mother, or both being addicted. But you need not despair and lament over your ill fate. There are many instances in the world where, despite born to parents highly addicted to toxicity, they could flourish and ripe the fruits of the world. They did not readily accept the bitterness of life and cry away from their experience. In this article, we shall discuss the predominant four signs that indicate that you are the child of toxic parents. This is not to put out the fire in you. But to help you to realize the reality and to take the necessary precautions. Early awareness can indeed help a lot and make you equipped enough to battle down the difficulties with your courage and determination.

Spreads negativity

Toxic people fail to control their emotions. They can’t hold back their feelings, and whatever emotion they are in, pour out to the greatest extent. Even the slightest issue is given great concern, and the whole event is unnecessarily dramatized. In no time, they become angry, hostile, and destructive and start ejaculating verbally abusive words.

Fails to be empathetic

Toxic people fail to regard other’s emotions and needs. They think of their own all the time. This tempts them to attain their goals even though it involves harming and hurting others. That is, they lack the ability to empathize with other people. They fail to fit in the world, and their very presence can be hazardous to the social well-being of society.

They are controlling in nature

They will try to control you to the extent you cannot accept. These people turn out to be extremely controlling, and no one would ever have the slightest idea to spend their time with them. They love controlling everyone and everything beside them. This makes them irritable parents. Though they abide by their rules in early life, their continued managing can be hateful to adult children. The result is the imposing of highly demanding and unreasonable demands on the children. There is a high probability that the grown-ups can’t accept it and put with it anymore. This can result in shouts, calls, and disruption of harmony in the family and social life.

Critical to the worst extent

They fail to see the goodness and brilliance of their children. They continuously complain and blame them. However, good is his/her child; they go on putting them down. This is highly disastrous as the very act can kill the child’s confidence and wither away their desires to succeed in life.

As said before, being born to such parents is not a choice. But, being a toxic parent to your child is indeed a choice that can be withheld by you. So, think safe. Stay safe. Let your generations live healthily and happily ever after.


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