When was the last time you bought story books for your children? Do you remember, because clearly I don’t. Gone are the days when storybooks were the only means of entertainment for children. Times have changed now and in this era of internet, kids spend most of the times playing games or watching videos on youtube.

But till when? Now when they have all their study sessions online, they already sre spending much time on-screen. I am pretty sure that you want your kids to take break from screens and experience the real childhood. The days when we as kids, used to enjoy all those panchtantra stories with so much of joy. So, let’s take them to your childhood amd narrate stories. By narrating stories to kids, you will impart wisdom to them and also spend quality time with them.

Bringing to you a collection of some popular short stories with moral values that you can read and inculcate good habits in them.

1. The Lion and the mouse: A lion was sleeping in the jungle where a mouse started running up and down on his body. Lion woke up from sleep and got angry. He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse requested the lion to set him free. The mouse promised a favor in return and after seeing his confidence, the lion let him go.
After few days, some hunters came into the forest and took the lion with them. They tied him against tree. The lion started struggling and whimpering. Soon, the mouse came and noticed the lion in trouble. He ran quickly ang gnawed on the ropes to set the lion free. Both of them ran away from the jungle.

Moral: Be kind. A small act of kindness go long way.

2. The fox and the grapes: A fox was wandering across a jungle in order to get some food on a hot day. He was very hungry and desperately wanted to have something. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find any. Soon he reached a vineyard which was full of juicy grapes. The fox look around to check if someone was there or not. Soon he realized that he was safe from hunters, so he decided to steal some grapes. He started jumping high and high but couldn’t reach the grapes. The grapes were too high but he refused to give up. It wad getting dark but fox was still not able to reach the grapes. His legs hurt so he gave up in the end. He walked away and said I know the grapes were sour anyway.

Moral : We pretend to hate those things that we can’t have.

3. The greedy Lion: One hot day, a lion in a forest was feeling hungry. He started to hunt for his food and found a hare roaming around alone. Instead of catching the hare, the lion let it go. He said, “A small hare can’t satisfy my hunger”. After sometime beautiful deer passed by and he decided to take his chance. He ran and ran behind the deer but couldn’t reach to him. He became week due to hunger and struggled to chase the deer. Tired and defeated he went back to hunt the hare but it was gone. The lion was sad and remained hungry for long time.

Moral: Greed is never a good thing.


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