Disney is a big part of childhood. From jungle book to dumbo, everyone remembers being a kid and love these Disney classics. Disney have changed over years and now a days our kids are getting more into this virtual world of superheroes and their wars.

We grew up watching some of those extraordinary disney classics and so our kids are following the same track. At the end of the day, Disney movies are loved by every kid and based on our recent study, here is a quick list of some of the best Disney movies you should watch with your little one.

1. The Lion King : A Disney classic that is loved by most of the children. This movie teaches children about the circle of life. It teaches your toddler to be happy and optimistic.

2. Frozen: A movie about a strong minded, independent and brave princess who doesn’t wait for a guy to save her life and takes it in her own hands. It teaches your kids that girls are as strong as boys and focusses on the importance of family.

3. Ratatouille : Another Disney classic that is worth watching. It teaches children the important lesson of never judging a book by its cover. It teaches children to be open-minded and give everyone a fair chance of proving their abilities.

4. Finding Dory : This movie is beautifully animated and it teaches kids the importance of family and friends. The movie also teaches about the obstacles of life and how to overcome them. Dialogues are pretty perfect and kids really love those cute sea creatures. It is fun to watch and has some witty jokes for adults as well.

5. Toy story: It is the first movie to become popular among kids and adults. It was released in 1995 and everyone loved the story animations. It teaches a lesson of believing who you are and making true friends. It is a must watch for the whole family amd has two more sequels.

6. Peter Pan : Another Disney classic about a boy who wouldn’t grow up that your kids should definitely see. The great thing about watching this movie is that it tells our kids that childhood is amazing and they should cherish and enjoy it. It is a funny and exciting movie and has different characters and majority of them are children.

7. Mulan: One of the first Disney movies about a Disney princess who doesn’t care about his prince charming or sparkly gowns. Mulan was a very strong, brave and true fighter. It teaches children to throw away the gender stereotypes and become more open minded. It also gives racial variety to a commonly white bunch of Disney princesses, reminding children that everyone is the same, regardless of skin color or origin.

8. Moana: A very new Disney movies that has a prefect storyline. Its all about a girl named Moana who isn’t a typical Disney princess. She is more realistic healthy with visible muscles on her arms and legs. She is bold and strong and looks more real.


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