The moment you get to know that you are going to be a mom soon, your baby becomes the centre of your thoughts. The instinct to protect the baby comes immediately. We mothers share a bond of love with our child right from the pregnancy and after their birth it gets even more stronger. We just want to do everything best for them. Be it their diapers, clothes, immunization or baby products, we get so perticular about their protection and care. Babies are delicate and their super soft skin needs to be pampered every day. Hence it is very important to choose the best range of skin care products of babies. Picking lotions, shampoos, body wash and cream for babies can be quite tricky. So, here are the best brands for your babies to keep their skin soft and supple.

1. Sebamed: This brand has evolved as a leading brand in baby product range over the past few years. It offers a range of product for babies and adults worldwide. With having a ph of 5.5, their products are suitable for every skin type. Sebamed offers cleansing bar, bubble bath, massage oil, shampoo, baby wash in bathing section. Their baby skin care consists of baby lotion, diaper rash cream, wipes, lip balm, sunscreen and face cream.

2. Johnson and Johnson: One of the biggest and the oldest brand having a wide range in mothercare and baby products.This brand is more than 120 years old and offer a bath range that consists of baby wash, soap, shampoo and hair oil. The skin care range includes baby cream, baby lotion and talc. Their baby care range includes wipes, rash cream, ear buds and nappy buds.

3. Chicoo: It is one of the leading names in baby care products now a days. Having a wide range of pregnancy and maternity products, Chicco provides breast pumps, feeding bottles, breast pads,sterilizers, poppy pillow and etc. They also provide meal time range which includes eating and drinking accesories, high chairs etc. Chicco offers a wide range of skin care products like shampoo, lotions, mosturizers, nasal and oral hygine, humidifiers and thermometers. They also offer toys, clothes, shoes, travel and sleep time gears.

4. Mothercare: Another big name when it comes to baby care. The feeding range includes breastfeeding accessories, sterilizers, feeding bottles, feeding pumps, bibs and soothers. They also excel in providing weaning and toddler feeding range which includes cups, beakers, bibs and high chairs. Their bathing range consists of bath accessories, sets and toiletries. They also provide nappies, diapers, wipes and toilet training accessories. Their health range consists of humidifiers, thermometers, sun safety and dental care.

5. Mee Mee: A popular brand providing complete baby care range including cream, lotion, oil, shampoos, brush, cotton buds, comb sets, diapers and knee pads. Their bath time range consists of towels, napkins, potty training seats, shampoo hat, bubble bath, bathrobes and bathtubs. They provide a complete bed time range which includes blankets, pillows, quilts, shawls and mosquito nets.


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