So, the weather has warmed up for the year, and the wait for Holi is finally over. The long weekend is the perfect time to make this occasion much more exuberant. Most of you would have already prepared with herbal and skin-friendly options, but it won’t be illicit to say that many with mischievous minds won’t. Moreover, even if you use organic colors, you still need to protect your skin from the damage from long hours of sun exposure and prepare it for the color to fade easily. Those with sensitive skin might also suffer from skin allergies, irritation leading to chronic skin eczemas, amyloidosis, and even serious injuries upon scratching.

Well, we are not here to scare you but to provide the perfect 7 tips to protect your skin this Holi.


Petroleum jelly is one perfect all-in-one solution for the body and can be applied directly over skin, nails, and hair. Wearing petroleum jelly before playing Holi has various benefits. A thick layer of jelly will help your skin keep moisturized all day long. In addition to this, petroleum jelly is non-sticky and acts as a shield. The color won’t penetrate easily through it and hence, can be rinsed easily too.


Keeping yourself hydrated during the Holi is arguably the best practice you can do. Keep drinking water, juice, glucose, etc. All-day long. Dehydrated skin becomes dry and hence vulnerable to sun and chemical colors. Therefore, it is advisable to refill yourself with fluids while playing with colors in the Heat.


We understand it sounds exhausting. Why do we change clothes in a festival meant to dirt ourselves? Well, staying in wet clothes for too long may lead to chronic skin rashes. The colors will easily penetrate through the skin pores causing damage to the skin. These are very common in kids.


Yes, you read it right. Wearing sunglasses while playing Holi to protect your eyes is the easiest yet most effective technique. But, that doesn’t mean you should wear a contact lens. Wearing contact lenses is strictly unadvisable as it may cause severe irritation in the eyes or worse when in contact with colors and the sun. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from colors but also looks cool in summers as well.


Hair removal is a crucial part of the festival preparations for the ladies. Although, each form of hair removal, be it shaving, threading, or waxing, leave the skin sensitive for the next few days leading to itchiness or even rashes when the colors come in contact with your skin. To avoid this, leave a gap of at least 2-4 days before Holi. This way, your skin will get time to recover and will not be sensitive to the colors.


One of the wisest tips to follow during the celebration of Holi is covering the body cuts and wounds gently. You don’t want your wound to come in contact with chemicals as it may worsen the wound condition. A waterproof adhesive bandage will help them conceal.


Traditionally, Hair is kept dry during the daytime as it accumulates dust when exposed. It is also oiled before the wash to provide nourishment. On a contrary, this should not be the procedure during Holi. Chemicals on dry hair for a long time may lead to unnatural greying of hair, split ends, hair loss, dandruff, etc. So, to avoid such issues, a 10-minute pre-chumpy from Olive oil or Mustard oil will do the trick. A thick layer of petroleum jelly will also resist the color to stick, instead helps in easy rinsing.

So now that you know the best 7 tips to protect you and your loved one’s skin, you are ready to go out in the sun to enjoy the colors of happiness. We wish you a happy holi.


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