And here comes the season of coats and blazers. Winter is a favorite season for many of us- the cold weather, the long sleeping hours, and those endless cups of hot coffee are unbeatable. With the decreasing temperature and weakening sun rays, your child may face difficulty in adapting to the fluctuation in weather. To survive this cold weather, a strong immune system is important for children. It has to be on a high alert mode to fight various illnesses like cold, sore throat, flu, and ear infections. Kids are more vulnerable to cold, cough, and fever and therefore it is vital to keep them prepared for this transition of the environment.

When the temperature drops, the energy levels of kids drop as well. The cold breeze has already entered the atmosphere so to help you combat the wind, we have put together some tips to keep your children healthy during winters. Here we present some healthy information to keep your kids super immune during this season.

#1. Sanitize More Often

Keep your child’s surroundings and things sanitized. Children are mostly indoors during the cold season, make sure your home is cleaned and sanitized often. The moisture of the air calls in fungal attacks. So you must encourage your children to keep their belongings such as bags, toys, clothes, socks clean and free of moisture. Wash their toys with soap and water and allow them to dry. Remind her not to touch surfaces and things outdoors. Make sure your child carries the bottle of sanitizer whenever they are outside. Encourage them to wash their hands after using toilets or touching outdoor surfaces.

Washing hands and legs after coming from outside is a must. Make sure your child wears clean, sanitized clothes and socks. If anyone from your family catches a cold or flu at home, keep your child away from using infected people’s towels, pillows, etc.

#2. A Nutritious and Balanced Diet

Feed your child with lots of nutrition. Eating a well-balanced diet is a key component to improving your child’s health. Your child’s immunity completely depends on the food he eats. Therefore, it is important to include immunity-boosting foods like antioxidants, vegetables, spices, fruits, etc in his diet. A nutritious and balanced diet will keep your child safe from illness and diseases.
You always encourage your child to have a rich breakfast as skipping the breakfast may lead to a lack of nutrients and hence the body is more vulnerable to catching infections.

Plan a menu that is rich in vitamins, proteins, and essential nutrients to help your child remain strong during the winter season.

#3. Keep your child Hydrated

Fluids are important too as they play a major role during winters. In summers, we often feel thirsty and drink lots of water but it is equally important to drink more fluids during winters. Hydration is vital for winter wellness and the body’s temperature rises due to the drop in the environmental temperature. Your child’s body may get dehydrated during winters which can make him sick and cause muscular cramps. Therefore, make him drink lukewarm water, herbal teas, soups to prevent illness and infections. Encourage your child to take small sips of water every 15 minutes to remain well hydrated.

#4. Enough Rest

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and rest during winters and it directly affects our immune system. Regular disruptions in the sleep cycle may affect the physical and mental activity of your child. It also alters cardiovascular functioning and lack of proper sleep results in a weak immune system and makes your child more prone to diseases. Hence, let him avoid electronics before bed for a good night’s sleep.

#5. Indoors and Outdoors

The majority of the infections are airborne during this season therefore, you must restrict the air-conditioned places like malls, restaurants, and theatres. Staying indoors may be an easy and safer option but it will make your child deprived of Vitamin D. Deficiency of Vitamin D will lower the immunity of your child. Staying indoors also cuts down the physical activity and will tempt your child to be in bed and watch the screen. Lack of physical activity lowers her immunity. Hence, encourage her to go play outdoors or engage in any form of brisk physical activity, to improve her immunity and stay healthy.

FOODS to have during the cold season:

During the winter months, it’s important to ensure that everyone in the family continues to eat healthfully. Children might be less active in the colder months, which demands more focus on adequate nutrition. The following foods will keep your children healthy during winters:

1. Fruits and Vegetables
2. Eggs and Fish
3. Herbs and Spices
4. Probiotics
5. Dried Nuts
6. Dairy Products

With these tips, you can keep your children safe from diseases and illness during winters. Just focus on a healthy diet and keep your environment clean. Happy Winters!!


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