Newborn care becomes even more important when it comes to celebrations and festivals. As much as you want to enjoy holi with your little one, it’s important to take some precautions and be mindful when it comes to their safety.

Holi is such a festival when you can’t keep your little one away from taking part in the fun. It’s important they should also understand and appreciate the festival. However, it’s our responsibility as parents to keep them safe and away from any kind of harm. This article will explore parenting tips regarding the safe celebration of Holi.

Prepare organic colors at home:

You can make organic and safe colors at home that are widely available in the market and substitute them instead of buying from the store. All you need to do is take some flower petals, grind them, and add them with talc powder to make an organic color. Colors like pink, orange, yellow, and white can be made with flowers like Marigolds and Roses.

You can take baby talc powder as a base and add different mixtures of petals to make different colors. Infants should stay away from colors but even if someone applies color on them, these homemade colors are easy to wash off and don’t harm their skin.

Keep infants away from the crowd:

It’s important to keep your little ones away from the crowd. Make sure you choose a safe area for them where they can play around without any risk. It’s important to avoid running, pushing, and other activities that may harm them in the crowd of the holi celebration. Always keep an eye on your little one and don’t let them wander away. Prepare a fun spot with some toys and activities so they can have fun while you enjoy the festival.

Have a safe zone at the holi celebration venue where you can keep your infant safe from the chaos. Make sure you keep an eye on any activities or people that may endanger them and avoid those areas altogether.

Use protective clothing:

Cover your infant’s body with full sleeves and long pants. You can also use a face protector or mask to make sure the colors don’t reach their skin. Make sure that all of these clothes are made with a breathable material so they can stay comfortable while playing outdoors.

Covering their heads and eyes is also very important since it protects them from any kind of dust or dirt in the air. In addition, use sunscreen lotion to protect their skin from the sun. Use a baby-safe sunscreen lotion with SPF 50+ so that their skin is not exposed to any kind of harmful UV rays.

Totally ban water balloons:

Water balloons are a strict no-no when it comes to celebrating holi with your infants. It can be very dangerous and cause serious injury when babies are exposed to flying water balloons. Don’t let them play with any kind of item that has the potential to hurt anyone, including themselves.

It’s best if you avoid playing with water balloons all together and keep your infant away from this kind of activity. Water warfare can be fun for grown-ups only, but it’s not safe for infants. It’s among the most important parenting tips that you should keep in mind while celebrating holi with your little one.

Don’t keep your baby’s clothes wet for a long time:

Another important newborn care tip is to not keep your infant’s clothes wet for a long time. Wet clothes can irritate the baby’s skin and cause rashes. Make sure you change their clothes immediately after playing in Holi colors and wash them with mild soap.

If possible, try to keep some extra sets of clothes handy so you can switch clothes when needed. This will help keep your little one safe from any kind of irritation or infection. Moreover, you should also clean their toys and accessories properly to avoid any kind of dirt or germs.

Make sure they rub their eyes with their hands:

Even if you have prepared homemade colors and taken all the necessary precautions, sometimes babies can reach out and rub their eyes with their hands while playing in Holi colors. To avoid any kind of infection or irritation in the eyes, make sure they wash their hands before rubbing their eyes.

The best way to protect their eyes is to make sure they don’t come in contact with any kind of color at all. You can also ask them not to rub their eyes and if they do, then immediately wash their hands before touching the eyes.

Wrapping up!

These tips will help you celebrate the Holi festival safely with your infants. It’s important to take all the necessary precautions while celebrating this special occasion and make sure your little ones are safe. Enjoy celebrating the festival of colors with your little ones and create some amazing memories together.


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