For all the food-lovers, we are sure that the continental cuisine would make you even more gluttonous. Right from the ingredients and the style of cooking, everything used in making a continental dish is unique. Before we get into the tips and tricks of making the best continental dishes, let us dive into the history of this particular cuisine. Knowing the origin of cuisine would enable you to cook it in the most appropriate manner.

Origin of continental cuisines

Every food takes its birth in a particular region, and the birth of Continental food has happened in the European continent. These are the delicacies that are mainly cooked by the people living in European countries like Italy, France, and Spain.
Since the preparation of this food is largely observed in these parts of the European continent, the term ‘Continental food’ has been coined to it. This article focuses mainly on the tips and tricks that would make you one of the best Continental chefs.

1. Get the ingredients right.

We must understand that the perfection of every delicacy in every cuisine is largely dependant on the kinds of ingredients that go into the making of the dish. In the continental style of cooking usage of herbs, spices and olive oil is more.

Hence, when you are planning for a continental dish for your menu, ensure to pick all these ingredients without fail. Seasoning the meat in olive oil before it gets barbecued is also one of the most important things to do to enhance the taste of your food.

2. Baking and roasting skills are needed.

Most of the continental delicacies are either baked or roasted. We would hardly get to see any of the food items that are deep-fried in this style of cooking. Hence, it is important to learn the art of baking and to barbecue when you are planning to present the best continental dishes.

3. Every cheese is different.

Continental dishes make use of different kinds of cheese for making their delicacies. Every cheese has a different flavor. Therefore, knowing the range of cheese and other dairy products is another essential thing if you want to master the art of making continental dishes.

4. Learn to make sauces

There are different kinds of sauces that are used in continental dishes. Pasta, for example, comes with white sauce, red sauce, arrabbiata sauce, etc…. In order to get the right flavor, it is mandatory to learn the process of making these sauces as well.

5. Grow your own herbs

Fresh herbs are widely used in the continental dishes. There are a lot of companies that manufacture these herbs but, the taste of the food increases with the usage of freshly plucked herbs from your garden. Also, these herbs are easy to grow, as well. Growing and using the fresh herbs does the magic when you are trying your hands in preparing continental recipes.

Well, these are some of the tricks that could help you to cook the best continental food items. We hope that these tips would come handy to you and unleash the hidden master chef in you.


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