Getting pregnant is undoubtedly one of the most unique experiences in a woman’s life.

Pregnancy can be the most joyful journey with a little extra care. Along with the supplements and diet changes, a change in intimate hygiene is also crucial during those nine months.

Vaginal health must be paid equal attention and complete knowledge about what’s normal and what’s not will help you prevent some serious health issues. During pregnancy, women experience a surge in hormonal changes which increase the body’s natural secretion. The most important thing to do then is to keep the intimate area clean. But that’s not all; there are some more ways to care for your intimate area. These will help you go the extra mile to ensure your vaginal health is on point and prepare your body to birth a new life.

Vaginal health is essential to prepare your body for birthing. It will help you cut down the chances of infections and diseases. Here’s what you can do to ensure complete intimate care during pregnancy:

#1. Keep your Intimate Area Clean

With the modification in vaginal discharge, it becomes more crucial to keep the area clean as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and cause odor, itching, and discomfort if left too unattended. Only water may not be enough to clean it and soaps can be too harsh for the delicate vaginal skin. Accordingly, a mild, soap-free intimate wash, will come in handy to care for and protect your intimate area. Use mild intimate wash and apply it to your external vaginal area, and rinse it off with water.

#2. Keep it Dry

Make sure to must dry the vaginal area after washing it, as dampness can worsen itching and irritation. Use a clean, soft, dry, 100% cotton towel or napkin to gently dab the external vaginal area dry. Remember, the vagina releases a natural lubricant; a little moisture is normal!

3. Select the Right Undergarments

Use light, slightly flexible, cotton undergarments to allow your skin to breathe down there. Avoid wearing garments that are too tight as they can cause sweating and friction. You will need to change your underwear often if the discharge is frequent. Every time you do so, wear a clean and dry pair. Also, steam iron your undergarments before putting them on. You can also use panty liners in case of excessive discharge.

#4. Eat Healthy and Clean

During pregnancy, your body is withstanding physiological stress. A strong diet will keep your energy levels high, provide your little one with the nutrition she wants, and also help you maintain your general and vaginal health. Therefore, a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables is a must. Have some yogurt regularly and lessen the quantity of sugar in your daily foods to keep weight within the recommended range. You can also take coconut water and fruit juices to keep your body hydrated.

#5. Stay Hydrated

As the pregnancy advances, your whole body will experience some more modifications. Staying hydrated will you protect your intimate area in the gentlest way possible and prepare you for the wondrous journey ahead. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to maintain the ph balance of the vaginal area.

#6. Avoid Douching

Although some claim that there are pros to vaginal douching, health experts suggest that it can increase the risk of infections and pregnancy complications. It is, therefore, best to avoid vaginal douching and allow your vagina to cleanse itself naturally. However, you can use some mild vaginal wash to keep your vagina clean.

#7. Avoid Deodorant Sprays

The normal vaginal discharge and hormonal modifications might raise concerns about an unpleasant vaginal odor in pregnant women. A healthy vaginal discharge due to pregnancy hormones is odorless. If you notice discharge with an unpleasant odor, you need to consult your gynecologist immediately as it could be a sign of an infection. Some women may consider using feminine hygiene deodorant sprays to conceal the smell, which is not approved as it can lead to irritation and itching. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor to rule out any infection and use an intimate wash to keep the vaginal area clean.

#8. Wipe your vagina from front to Back

Make a habit of wiping your vaginal area after you pee. Wiping it dry with a cotton towel from front to back decreases the chances of infection. Even a little moisture can cause irritation and itching, therefore it is recommended to wipe it front to back with a clean towel or tissue.

The Takeaway

During pregnancy, the risk of bacterial and fungal infections is at a peak. Therefore you must take extra care of your vaginal area to avoid any serious infection or injury.


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