So, 2018 is almost over! This year went by in a blink of an eye. I am kind of very happy with the way 2018 went. There were few major accomplishments & few failures but that’s how we all keep our balance & sanity. So, let me quickly share few learnings from the year 2018:

1. Stop stressing over marks: LOL! even I am finding it funny but trust me, till last year I was very cautious & stressed over my kids marks. This year has been different, I think I have kind of accepted the fact that schools, education systems are overrated & the focus should be on personality development rather than numbers. So, here am I, converted! Not completely but I have initiated the change in my thoughts so all the implementation will happen in 2019. Wish me luck!!

2. It isn’t about being Perfect: Everyday other day, we hear stories about people ranting about their imperfect lives, partners, house, jobs, food & so many other things. If we look closely, we all are leading a happy imperfect life. Our life is kind of in sync with our surroundings, facilities etc. We technically sulk when we see people in our network accomplishing something high in materialistic values. With this being said, I am not adding myself to the list of sulkers but I am consciously trying to stay happy in my own sweet bubble and appreciate what I have while trying to raise my own bar gradually.

3. Zip it up: Oh! I hate this trait in me. I truly do. I try hard & so hard to keep my frustrations, anger, disappointments within me & address them later within my own self but God truly knows how miserably I fail at it. I have surely goofed a lot because of no think, speak twice attitude & I am surely working on this agenda in the year 2019.

4. Stay Focused: Its normal to get distracted by so many interesting content around us and have you wondered on what do they do to us? They take away our precious time & leave us panicking to get things done in very easy moment. So, 2018 has seen me a lot on Phone, on Facebook, on Instagram, On YouTube but 2019 will be more disciplined. In fact, I am still contemplating on the idea of switching my Mobile Data off during my office hours. This will not only keep me away from all the group chats & gossips but give me my precious time back & help me invest that time in far better options.

5. Gym is your friend: A lot of people around me will swear with me on this. I have spend thousands (no kidding), thousands of rupees on Gyms, Diets etc but guess what? Never went there after maximum 10 days at a stretch. I am one of those who make resolution of going to gym every year, go to gym and pay for a Quarter straight & don’t show up BUT 2019 has to be different. In fact, I have started preparing myself for it now. Its been 3 weeks (while I am typing this) of me going to gym right after work everyday. I am sure if I can pull 2 more weeks, I will be in it for rest of my life. (amen) 🙂

So, this was my list & I am quite determined to learn from my mistakes done in year 2018 & get better in 2019.


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