Sleeping with your children after they have grown-up can be quite a difficult thing. Especially sharing beds with slightly grown-up kids can be even tougher. If you have more than one child and if you are keen on setting up their room using a trendy cot then, you might as well get them a bunker bed.

There is a lot of competition between a lot of manufacturers to come up with beds for babies. Only a very few of them manufacture the best ones, and one amongst them is the Tent Loft Bed Army Green and Camouflage. The camouflage material would make the bed look beautiful and also classy. The cot is made using a metal frame, and the canopy makes the bed look more beautiful.

The twin size bed can accommodate two kids when siblings share their bed. Their bonding grows as well. The best thing about this bed is the blend of metal and fabric that has been used in construction. Metal makes the bed sturdy while the fabric, the Camouflage, makes it aesthetically beautiful. Most of the kids these days get carried away by this fabric, and the manufacturer has made use of the material wisely here.

This bed is gaining more popularity because of space and also the quality. The fabric used here is pretty thick. By chance, if the kids end up playing on the bed, they would not be hurt as the railings used are made of strong metal.

Also, these rails act as a shield to protect the kids from disturbing each other. Kids who are extremely fond of the army will fall for this bed immediately for the Camouflage material being used and also the Army green color. It can easily accommodate 400 lbs of weight.

The bed is becoming popular as it is easy to assemble it. One does not need help from an expert to set it up, and most of the parents can do it by themselves. You can even ask your kid’s preference for the positioning of the bed in their room.

Hiding on the attic beneath their favorite Camouflage can make them feel thrilled, and also, the bed gives them a feeling of camping in the wild as well. With all these benefits, considering replacing the old beds in your child’s room with this loft tent bed army Green can be a great idea.


• It is strong
• Comes with a complete metal frame
• The height is pretty convenient
• No need to assemble anything
• Looks brilliant


• Can be slightly expensive
• The fabric might become dirty easily


If you are planning to set up your kid’s room using the Army theme then, the Tent Loft Bed Army Green and Camouflage are one of the perfect choices to consider. The quality, the price, and also the appearance of the bed makes it one of the best products so far.

A lot of people have liked this bed and have given it a 4.8 rating. We recommend this product to be quite an amazing one after going through all the reviews from the other credible sources.


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