I know mamas. This is really a hard topic to discuss. But the fact is, we have to. We have keep our discomfort aside and talk about this terrible topic to teach our kids. Some of us might have personal experience about child sexual abuse which makes it even harder to talk about. But teaching our kids about good and bad touch is important so we have to be open to share and learn from each other.

Alright, here’s how you teach your kids about bad or good touch

1. Use proper language: The first lesson comes from their own body. As soon as your kids seem curious about their body parts during bathing, teach them the correct names for their anatomy. It really helps them to have knowledge if they want to talk to you about anything.

2. Make them the Owner of Their Body : Tell your children that they own their body and no one has a right to touch them unless its okay with them. As they grow up, let them know that they can reserve certain parts as private. Tell them that they have a right to say no even if its something like holding hands or giving hugs or kisses.

3. Tell them about safe touch: Many times we parents have to do something our children won’t like to keep them safe. But we have to for their good. So, give them examples like getting a shot at doctor’s office and being pulled out of the street. Teach them that a safe touch is what keeps you protected. Choose a pediatrician who takes out time to explain why something is happening.

4. Don’t Force Affection : If your kid do not want to hug someone, don’t force them. A hug from a loving adult is no a bad touch but forcing affection may make them feel like losing control over their physical body.

5. Teach them to say NO: Keep the lines of communication open. Make sure that they can always come to you to tell anything. Teach them to say no in case they do not someone touching them. Communicating with your kids about their private parts is of utmost importance.

6. Help them trust their feelings: Kids should be taught that a touch from anyone, that makes them uncomfortable is a bad touch. Teach your kids to trust their own feelings so thay they may differentiate about a good or a bad touch.

7. Keep this conversation light : Keeping these kind of conversations serious and unemotional makes kids feel comfortable. Keep your conversation lighter so that kids may ask you questions about it. Try to make these conversations happen naturally like talking about it during potty or bath time.

8. Practice Role Play : Practice with your kids when they should say “stop, I don’t like this”. Make this a part of your teaching as this can really help your kid to learn when to say no, if they do not like someone touching them.

As the mystery is solved, many mamas are going to talk to their kids about good and bad touch. We hope these awkward conversation with your kids may turn into a smooth and comfortable session.


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