Periods“, the word that is still considered as a taboo in many places of our country, The start of periods is a major event in a girl’s life that transforms her into a woman. Some of us greets those first drops of blood with joy while others feel scared and weird. Mine was a combination of both as I was not aware of the process.

Girls start having their periods when they turn 12 or 13 years old. But if you decide to wait until your daughter gets her first, thats too late. Discussing mensuration before she hits the age is important as it offers education as well as guidance and support.

So, how you plan to discuss mensuration before the day arrives? Or what are you going to tell to your son?(Boys too have questions). That’s tricky but important too. So, today we will be sharing thoughts on how you can initiate “the Talk” with your teens.

Preparaing your daughter for her first period

Just when you start noticing the physical changes, that’s the signal to prepare your daughter for her first period. Breast development is the first sign that a girl has entered puberty. Usually followed by the growth of pubic hair.

Probably, after an year of breast development, most girls enter into a phase of rapid growth. You will see your princess getting taller, curvier and their feet will grow. The first period arrives this growth spurt and this is the time when you should talk to your daughter about the mensuration process.

Timing is Everything

Having a round table meet and starting a formal conversation never works in this case. It’s probably best to avoid this process. Instead try to spread it out into lots of smaller conversations. Educate her about how human body works and continue the track around it. Try to keep it short as too much importance can be overwhelming. Daughters reaching puberty should already know what’s going to happen to their bodies.

Even toddlers begin asking questions about their bodies and you should answer them honestly. Be specific with the details if your child is mature and able to understand.

Don’t wait for the Right Time

You shouldn’t necessarily wait for their questions about puberty and mensuration. Just when your teens are close to their puberty, both girls and boys must have full knowledge of the changes that are going to take place in their bodies.
As a parent you must provide them full information so that they must sort any misinformation by themselves. Mensuration often sounds bad and scary but if you provide them right knowledge and education they will paint the process in a positive light.

As a mother, do not refer her period as curse as she might take it in negative sense. Along with telling them about periods, make them familiar with hygiene supplies like sanitary pads and tampons. Tell her that periods may cause cramps as the muscles of the uterus contract.

Explain her that monthly periods are natural and wonderful part of being a woman. After all without these, a women couldn’t become mothers.


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