The covid-19 has become the biggest change-maker for every sector in India. The education sector is still dealing with the impact of the pandemic. Many discoveries in the education sector have come up to continue education by various methods. Technology and innovations are at their peak to assist the education sector with essential gadgets and methods. Parents and students discovered many new modes for studies and examinations.

The variation in the education system has a direct influence on students as well as the parents. The students from kindergarten to 12th grade are learning along with the technology hand in hand. Many of the technological expertise is bringing a convenient platform for schools’ teaching. The parents too are trying hard to adopt the new teaching methods for children.

Key Takeaways From Online Learning During Covid-19:

Many key factors are important and adaptable from online learning during Covid-19. These factors have a positive impact on the daily life of teachers, students as well as parents. Here is the discussion:

  • Discipline:

School life teaches many aspects of discipline to the students. But during the pandemic, the student learns to follow discipline at home too. They follow the proper schedule to study and explore the studies and their aspects. Usually, most of the children are dependent on the school and books to get the directions for studies. In the studies with online learning platforms, students explore more options and methods to study variable topics. In simple words, there is an extension in the scope of studies through global search about any topic.

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  • Technology expertise:

Before the pandemic, most people were not familiar with many technological modes. The presentation of the meeting and classrooms on the online platform is the discovery of the pandemic. During the Covid-19 crisis, the teachers and parents got familiar with the technical option to take and attend classes. This eventually results in the technical growth of society. Students are keen to learn more about technology, while parents and teachers are searching for scopes to learn new things.

  • Range of online courses:

The technical growth during the pandemic period brings a hidden gem in light for the benefit of the personal growth of people. Many online courses were present to provide the course details and studies for various subjects. These courses were easily accessible and a person can get study material via videos and hard copies. The certification was provided after the completion of the online course. This knowledge about these courses was famous after the pandemic break. Due to this, people have time to explore new things apart from their daily schedule.

Challenges During Covid-19 Pandemic For Online Learning:

During this period many challenges were present in front of parents and school management for online learning. These challenges were bigger as this was the first time to confront the lockdown situation in routine lives. Hence to start something new there was a big challenge of preparation and knowledge. Here is the listing of some of the knowledge:

  • Special training sessions for teachers to get an idea about taking online classes, sharing the teaching sessions via videos, etc.
  • Motivate and train parents about the same to help the child during online learning.
  • Keep the proper discipline and attendance during the online classes.
  • Examinations and assessments.


The positive aspect of the pandemic of Covid-19 is that it gave the leverage to explore the new option for every scheduled work. The people were ready to invest their time to get new ideas and tricks for scheduling their essential works. Online meetings and e-learning are the best examples of this. This new idea is still evolving with many new features to get the best version of it.


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