Infants are just too cute to handle. After months of practice they master crawling and walking. At first, they can’t even support the weight of their own head. Human brain requires extra time to develop and that’s the biggest reason why things take time. But don’t even try to underestimate those tiny toes and cute faces. Being a mother of a 3 month old boy, I have experienced many surprises that my little kid gives me almost daily. So if you are going to give birth to a little wonder, be ready to get these surprises:

1. Babies fake cry: Yes, they do! Human infants are very smart. From the beginning they know only one language- crying. But as they get older, they start to fake cry. How I wish to share the video of my baby laughing and smiling, then suddenly started crying and then laughing again. He cries deliberately to grab my attention and gives a big smile once I move close to him.

2. Babies recognize their parents through their smell: Babies have extraordinary sense of smell from about six months of gestational age. If their parent is nearby, they will know it and start crying to grab their attention. Many of them have an acute smelling skill and that’s why a familiar smelling shirt will soothe a crying baby.

3. Babies do not produce tears: Don’t bother if you do not see your baby’s tears in the first three months. Despite of how much they cry, they do not produce tears. But if you see their eyes wet, even if they are not upset, talk to your pediatrician as he may have a clogged tear duct.

4. Babies can meet a person and remember them for 3 years: Not funny. This one is a real fact based on a study done on a 3 year old kid. Kids have the tendency to look longer at the unfamiliar things but they remember them for long time.

5. Babies can predict intentions: Babies focus your actions. They have the ability to observe your intentions just like adults do. Babies show anticipatory eye movements when watching you doing something. Even they can sense your intentions.

6. Babies understand physics: Surprised Hmm? Human infants are born with a basic understanding of liquids and solids, motions and heights. Babies use cue to detect weather a material is solid or liquid and based on these cues they form expectations on how these substances will behave.

7. Babies are born artists: Babies love art and have artistic taste. Mine have an interest in Picasso paintings. He loves to look at Picasso rather than looking at some random cartoons. Babies find luminance of any painting appealing.

8. Babies sleep a lot: Little humans require 15-18 hours of daily sleep. During the first few weeks, they sleep most of the day (though my baby is a little different). This sleep allows your baby to adjust to being outside of the womb and allows their brain to relax. Newborns get tired after 30- 60 minutes of wake time and sleep again.


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