There are times when I sit & ponder on what I really want from life. To my surprise, everytime I get the same answer & that is “Sukoon”. Now, I obviously question myself again on what’s Sukoon for me?

For me, Sukoon is where I am financially secure, my kids are off to pursue their dreams without any fear of competition, without the fear of being judged, without the fear to prove…just simply follow their dreams & do their best to work on the dream of theirs.
For me, Sukoon is owning 2 houses – one by the sea from where I can see the waves crashing on the shore. This whole scene has such a calming effect on my soul. I can feel my pains & sorrows leaving my body with every wave crashing the shore.
The other house that I dream of has to be in the mountains. From where I can see the sunrise & set every day. From where, I can hear the birds chirping & winds blowing.
For me Sukoon is waking up every morning, going out for a walk, listening & absorbing the sounds of nature, and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Leisurely get ready for work & step out to work…work with the joy of taking up new challenges, conquering fears & keeping the mind busy.
Sukoon is to come back to a clean house, cook an elaborate meal for my loved ones & enjoy a glass of wine while being drenched in the moonlight all around & listening to the music played by the wild cricket.
Sukoon is sitting around the table with my favourite people & having a meal full of laughter, loud talks & good food.
Sukoon is to take my dog(s) out for late night walks, play with them & crawl in the bed with a thankful soul.
Sukoon is also to know that there’s a world waiting to be seen & explored & planning holidays after every 3 months.
I know, I know this seems a little too much BUT this is a dream I am working towards & I am determined to achieve it all before I say my final goodbye to the world.

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