For a human being to become complete, it is mandatory to possess both IQ and EQ in equal proportions. If a person’s IQ is more than the levels of EQ, then it becomes extremely difficult for him/her to connect and understand the feelings of other human beings.

imbibe emotional intelligence in your kids

Thus, there would be no difference between a human – being and a machine. Also, if the levels of the EQ are higher, then that human-being might end up living in a fantasy world all the time and cannot think of any problem-solving techniques or even practical solutions. With a little hard work and efforts, we would be able to start thinking practically but, to develop emotions, it may become highly impossible.

Hence, imbibing emotional intelligence in your children right from an early age would be quite beneficial. This article focuses on how you can make your child emotionally intelligent and get more advice for the Toddler Parenting Tips.

1. Allow your child to express their feelings freely.

Most of the parents restrict their children from expressing their emotions. Some parents would impose strict instructions if the child gets angry, frustrated, or even cry. As parents, it is important to understand that emotions are the means of expressing that words can’t. Hence, make it a practice to allow your children to express their emotions freely without any inhibitions.

2. Let them experience their emotions completely.

Unless and until the child is done completely expressing their emotions, do not stop them. This can make them frustrated, and they might fail to realize the essence of their emotions.

3. Listen to them when they are emotional.

Kids are more expressive when they are emotional. As parents, you must always listen to them when they are trying to convey something through emotions. This is going to help you to build a stronger bond. Also, when you acknowledge the emotions of your kids, they would start becoming more open-minded and would develop empathy towards everyone and everything.

4. Teach them problem-solving techniques

Emotional intelligence in kids can be taught by helping them develop problem-solving techniques related to the situations that they might face in their daily lives. Once the kids grow up, they may have to talk to several people; if they cannot connect with the individuals, then they would fail to tackle the simplest of simple issues.

5. Design activities that show the importance of emotional intelligence

There are a lot of activities that you could design to imbibe the emotional intelligence in your children. These activities would give them practical experience on the concept and also teach them about the importance of emotions. Also, when you start teaching the concepts to your kids, you would start preparing them to find out an alternative solution as well.

These are some of the steps that could help you to easily help your child develop emotional intelligence skills right from their young age. We hope that this article will help you in raising your child by making them realize the value of emotions for their development.


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