In this hustle of fast-moving life, we often push our family time aside for all the other responsibilities. Playing with kids, having a fun time together, cooking and eating meals are precious and irreplaceable commodities- but in this digital era of the 21st century, they are at risk of extinction. While I still remember my childhood was free from tablets, mobiles, laptops, and smart TVs, today’s infant poke at them even in their cots. As a result of our addiction to these digital gadgets, we are losing real bonds and connections.

Being a homemaker, I always crave for a big joint family. It’s all about sharing things, creating attachments and having good routines and traditions. With the deadly spread of Coronavirus, many of us are planning to opt-in for work from home. Create a happy workplace at your home and enjoy the company of your new colleagues. Today, I will be sharing tips and tricks to get better family time and understand each other.

Spending a Better Time Together

1. Get Fit Together: Kick start your day with a long walk or jog. Plan an exercise schedule with your family. Get outside with your loved ones!! Go cycling, boating, jogging and participate in physical activities. Long runs and shiny sun is always great for health, but doing it with your family is a win-win situation.

2. Cook and Eat Together: “A family that eats together stays together”.

With the different schedules and work timings, it gets difficult for us to have a gala dinner or comforting lunch with our family. Staying back at home lets you have the privilege of sharing meals and talk about each other’s lives. All of my folks love to cook. Trying out new recipes together lets everyone share their inputs on new dishes. We recently did this in our family and have great time baking cookies, cooking biryani and parathas. This is a great way to teach kids about sharing responsibilities and working together.

3. Netflix and Chill: A relaxing hour of lying in bed and watching a good comic series or a family show in this scorching summer is a must-have. Pop-out some corn and spend a lazy afternoon with your family. Play movies for your kids and watch it with them.

4. Get Creative: Plan a family session of painting, drawing, and arts. Let the creative kid in you speaks out. Find out a craft activity and indulge in it at home together. This helps in bringing out the best of your child. Kids love to paint their won world with colors and this will let them open up and show their imagination. Trust me; you are going to enjoy this activity the most.

5. Play some outdoors: Spend some time recharging the batteries with simple outdoor games. Playing Frisbee in the garden, having a cricket match, blowing bubbles on the porch or going for an evening walk in the neighborhood will give you a physical boost.

6. Cut-off the Digital World: Dive into the real world of feelings, trust, and emotions. Wave goodbye to mobiles and laptops for some time. Avoid these time wasters and get back to basics. It is annoying when anyone from the family constantly checks his phone. Avoid using electronics and enjoy the real “face time” with each other.

Spending a Better Time Together

Now that you are aware of the importance of family time, spend some quality time with your folks and do share your feelings.


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