Times are tough & unpredictable but that honestly doesn’t allow an entrepreneur to take rest & watch the whole uncertainty. In fact, with such volatile market conditions, the role of an entrepreneur becomes vital for the organization he / she is leading & also towards one’s country.

I often see a lot of entrepreneurs claiming big achievements but a little set back & you will find them turning back at their people. In fact, I was very surprised to hear schools doing it to their teachers, a lot of big companies doing it to their staff. There is 1 thing I would like to share & this 1 thing has always guided me to make right decisions.

This one thing is – Conscious Decisions!! Every Entrepreneur is fortunate enough to change their life with their actions & not only theirs but for people working with them. So, it is the moral duty of an entrepreneur to make conscious decisions. Decisions which are based on a combination of EQ & IQ. I personally have seen the beautiful impact of EQ based decisions. These help in keeping the humanity factor alive in any organization at any level. With the AI being implemented around, EQ based decisions give us the liberty to weigh a situation & act accordingly rather than just following the process. Talking about IQ based decisions, these bring a fair approach to your decisions. These are fact based, experienced based & knowledge based. These are decisions which are mentally ready for.

Now, with the challenging times, a decision simply based on IQ or EQ will not suffice. EQ might end you in an emotional turmoil while IQ will leave you dry of emotions with the test of time. So, the real deal is learn & combine these & bring the best out of you. Best of you that can empower &  secure your subordinates AND ensuring that there’s some gain for everyone because eventually that’s what the goal is! Exploitation is not the goal, earning money by deducting salaries will not last enough. The goal should be to bring in a fair approach which can keep us consciously alive & in business!!

Trust me, the day you are able to execute a fraction of this, the whole situation will change & it will make you so happy & Grateful!!

I am sure some of you must be wondering on How am I equipped to call the decision right. Well, the impact of any decision on your mind & body is the best way to measure the impact. I have mostly (99%) followed by instinct & 99% of the time I am able to enjoy sound sleep.

I see a lot of my entrepreneur friends following unethical techniques to save money or in short “Play safe” but friends it’s important to understand that we need to be ethical, responsible & calm while taking decisions.

Let’s be good humans before we become good entrepreneurs because money can be earned any day but your deeds, your actions can never be reversed.


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