It feels like yesterday when I picked up the pregnancy test kit and dashed out of the bathroom screaming with joy! My husband, clueless, almost had a heart attack when she darted out, banging the door. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I showed him the two pink lines. “I’m pregnant!” I said excitedly.

I and my husband did everything in our capacity to ensure our baby was healthy. But in the process, I ignored my skincare routine. By the time my baby was born, I was troubled with skin issues, some of them irreversible.

Many to-be-moms ignore their skin during pregnancy and wonder how some mothers happen to have a radiant, healthy glow. If you are expecting and don’t want to end up like me, we have a bunch of skin-care secrets that can help maintain your skin health during those nine months! Read on to know what they are!

Skin-Care Routine to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, diet plays a crucial role.

What you eat and drink is what reflects on your skin. So, you should consume a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated. Your skin may become more demanding during pregnancy therefore you need to be a little bit extra careful.

Here’s that little extra you can do to maintain healthy skin while your body prepares to birth your little one:

1. Be Mild to your Skin

The progression of your pregnancy will make your skin dull and rough. Your skin may not be able to tolerate the same old products you were using before conceiving. You may also develop an aversion to your favorite pregnancies in the first place. Those harsh products may also lead to skin rashes or irritation as your body embraces different changes during pregnancy. The best idea is to switch to mild soaps and shampoos with nourishing properties to keep your skin and hair soft and clean.

2. Moisturise it often

During pregnancy, skin becomes dry which leads to loss of skin elasticity and development of stretch marks. While the likelihood of developing stretch marks varies on the age, heredity, diet, and hydration of the skin, about 50-90% of pregnant women are prone to developing them.

Moisturizing your skin daily with mild oil or lotion will keep it supple and soft. You can use homemade cream or fresh butter on your skin to prevent dryness.

3. Sunscreen it Must

If your skin-care routine already includes using sunscreen, continue using it even during your pregnancy. If not, get one that suits your need and apply it after your daily moisturizer. Sunscreen lotions can protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, which could lead to wrinkles, dark spots, premature aging, etc. At times, some moms notice that their skin responds differently to the same products they trusted. It is then advisable to consult a dermatologist and seek a good sunscreen that sits on the skin and protects it from harmful sun rays.

4. Soothing Massages

As the baby grows, you would notice your body expects extra care to keep it toned and rejuvenated. You are likely to experience body aches and feel tired frequently. Your feet and back might give up after hours of running errands or working from your desk. The hectic schedule might lead to headaches and even sleepless nights.

This calls for an oil massage that can relieve the stress in your muscles and help you relax. A gentle massage using any nourishing oil can help you tone those tired muscles and feel rejuvenated in no time. Make sure you consult your doctor before opting for massages to avoid any pregnancy complications.

5. Eat Clean and Stay Hydrated

To keep your skin healthy and soft, make sure you eat lots of veggies and fruits during pregnancy. Heavy and oily foods are not recommended during those nine months. Keep a check on your weight gain and plan your daily diet accordingly. Your diet must be balanced and include all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for the proper growth and nourishment of the baby. Include curd, milk, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, coconut water in your diet.

Another important thing that every mother should keep in mind is to drink lots of water during pregnancy. Adequate intake of water will keep your skin lively and hydrated. Make sure you have at least 4-5 liters of water per day during pregnancy.

The Takeaway

During these nine months, your body could change in unexpected ways. While you keep a check on your diet and exercise routine, ensure you have a proper pregnancy skin-care routine as well to ensure your skin remains healthy and glowing. With these tips, you would have one less thing to worry about during and after your pregnancy.


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