By now, you are ending your second trimester of pregnancy. At 6 months, you are just a trimester away from holding the little wonder in your arms. Can you believe it? If no, then you surely will as the initial symptoms of pregnancy now subside and you are going to have completely new symptoms. Your little one is continuously growing inside your body and it’s time to take extra care during the last trimester.

We know you have already started reading pregnancy books and taking birthing classes. You might have started shopping as well for the little munchkin. And while anticipating your baby’s arrival has been fun, you’re probably ready to get this show on the road.

Symptoms of 6 months of Pregnancy

1. Weight Gain: By 6 months you will get a visible baby bump. You may put on 3-4 pounds this month.

2. Heartburn and Acidity: The increased progesterone levels cause the gastrointestinal tract to release. The upward pressure that the uterus exerts on the stomach pushes the gastric juices into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation.

3. Increased appetite: By this month, the morning sickness will subside and there will be an elevation in food cravings.Cravings are normal and a reasonable increase in food intake necessary to meet the demands of the growing baby.

4. Breathlessness and Backache: As the baby grows, the expanding uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm which causes breathlessness. The uterus also puts pressure on your lower back. Also, pregnancy results in the stretching of the joint ligaments in the pelvic and lower back area. Both these factors lead to a backache.

5. Achy feet and Varicose Veins: The pregnancy weight gain puts additional pressure on the feet which causes feet to ache. The growing uterus also puts pressure on the inferior vena cava which restricts the blood flow and causes veins near the legs to swell.

6. Nosebleeds and Bleeding Gums: A rise in the blood circulation during pregnancy broadens the tiny blood vessels in the nose. The pressure exerted on the blood vessels can lead to nosebleeds. An increase in the blood flow and hormonal changes are the reason for bleeding gums during pregnancy.

Here’s what to expect at 6 months pregnant and what care shall be taken to keep yourself and the baby safe.

● Exercise regularly. It helps you stay fit and active throughout the pregnancy.

● As your pregnancy progresses, you might feel pressure near your vaginal area. Try practicing legal exercises to keep the vaginal muscles strong.

● Sleep well. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep in a day. Sleep on the left side to promote kidney functions and provide adequate oxygen to the baby.

● Practice breathing exercises. Keep your body relaxed and keep your feet up almost all day.

● Take vitamin B6 regularly to reduce aches in the hands, limbs, and back.

● Watch funny videos and shows to keep your mind relaxed. Be happy.

● Take multivitamins and folic acid timely. Eat healthy foods and include calcium in your diet.


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