Famous Sindhi Dishes to try on

The famous papad premi, money minded and loud sindhi community is very much fond of eating. Rustic and robust, sindhi cuisine is the flavor of the season. Sindhis are not always stingy, trust me, I am a sindhi too. It’s just that we believe in show-offs, a little bit but sindhi food is just awesome. If you have a sindhi friend or a sindhi neighbor, you probably have tried your hand at most of these delicacies. And if you haven’t till now, I have got just the right thing for you. Embrace the true flavors of Sindhi cuisine and try these recipes.

1. Dal Pakwan: A sindhi breakfast, the perfect dal pakwan is what you need to kick start your lazy Sunday. Crispy and deep fried khasta made up of maida with a tint of ajwain and served with chana dal tadka along with tamarind chutney and chopped onions. The taste of this lip smacking dish is certainly gonna let cheat your keto diet. I prefer adding a spoon full of ghee in pakwan dough for that extra crisp.

2. Koki: Traditional Sindhi flatbread made up of wheat flour, besan and blended with spices. Having a resemblance of parantha, this flaky and crispy dish is going to give a punch of spices and assorted seeds in your mouth. Served with curd, pickle and papad, koki is found in every Sindhi kitchen. It is one of my favorites and I love having it as a snack with my evening tea.

3. Sindhi Kadhi: Unlike normal dahi ki kadhi, sindhi kadhi is an ultimate celebration dish with flavors and spices. Sindhi kadhi is a smooth silky kadhi made by roasting gram flour; the kadhi is served with rice. Sindhi kadhi is accompanied with variety of vegetables like, potatoes, tomatoes, green peas, okra and cauliflowers. The base recipe is same but it tastes differently in every kitchen. Some like it dark and spicy and other light and tangy. I prefer serving it with rice and aloo tuk.

4. Sai Bhaji: This one pot meal has the goodness of vegetables like spinach, dill and sorrel. Packed with flavors this balanced meal has a dash of sourness, a bit of sweetness and a hint of spice. The name is derived from a Sindhi term, sai means green and bhaji means vegetables. It tastes even better when tempered with garlic and spices. Serve it with roti or rice and enjoy the goodness.

5. Aloo Tuk: Sindhis love potatoes endlessly and these deep fried tuk just tastes heavenly. So hard to resist, aloo tuk can be served as a snack, a side or as a meal itself. Aloo tuk is another form wedge, tossed in salt and chilli. Baby potatoes are deep fried and then flattened and tossed in a mixture of readily available spices. Satisfy your comfort food cravings and serve it with a bowl of dal and rice.

Weekend is on the way and you have all the reasons to cheat your health schedule. Get going and fill your home with the aroma of these sindhi delicacies.


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