ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is majorly found in toddlers. It’s not easy to tell since toddlers can’t pay difficulty paying attention in general.

Toddlers in their initial years are often not diagnosed with ADHD but some behavioral signs can show whether the child has it or is at the risk for developing it. According to National Institute of Health, ADHD is more than just a normal child behavior and can extend beyond toddler age. It later affects teens and even adults. That’s why it is important to recognize signs of ADHD in childhood.

Symptoms of ADHD

The three main signs of ADHD of children under age 3 are
● Inattention
● Hyperactivity
● Impulsivity.

Though these signs can also occur in children without ADHD. Your child won’t be diagnosed with the condition unless symptoms continue for more than 6 months and affect their ability. Children with ADHD need great care and attention. If a child is under 5 and is diagnosed with this condition, proper medication is considered to cure the syndrome. A child psychiatrist diagnoses at this early age and necessary treatment is given once the condition is confirmed. The condition can be easily diagnosed once the child starts going at school. There are a number of behaviors that indicate your child has problems. In school going children it includes:
● Difficulty paying attention
● Inability to focus on one activity.
● Trouble completing tasks before getting bored.
● Difficulty listening
● Distraction problems

However, these signs may be a normal part of childhood so to get a more clear vision about ADHD consider the following:
● Aggression when playing
● Over bold behavior
● Lack of caution with stranger
● Fearlessness
● Inability to hop on one foot by the age of 4
● Excessive energy
● Impulsive behavior

Parents and even teachers sometimes mistake ADHD for other behavioral problems. Children sitting quietly may not be paying attention. Children who are hyperactive may have disciplinary issues.

If you are doubtful about your child’s behavior, see your doctor immediately.


Treating ADHD in children of 4 years and older in age follows a certain guideline. Im children aged 4-5 years, a doctor recommeds:

1. Behavioral Therapy: This can easily by done by a parent or a teacher. It is a simple technique to understand the behavior of a child and then deliver the therapy accordingly.

2. Medication: If symptoms do not improve with therapy, and if they are from moderate to severe, doctor may recommend stimulant medicines. The doctor monitors the dosage and ensure that the child experiences the maximum benefit. These stimulants may have side effects and should not be given to toddlers under 6 years of age as it may affect their growth and development.

No guidelines are provided for treating toddlers and babies with ADHD. However, children of older age are usually given behavioral therapy before using medication. ADHD is treatable and your child is as normal as other children. An early diagnosis helps a child to receive more help and recover more quickly. If you suspect your child with ADHD, seek advice immediately as it may help your baby to get out of the condition.


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