Nobel really talks about them. They are the one who contributes to the economy as much as entrepreneurs or servicemen. They are the one because of whom your daily routine is sorted. Yes you guessed that right. I am here talking about the one third population of our country known as homemakers. Homemakers can be anyone. But in a country like India this role is deliberately imposed on the lady of the house. Ghar ki murgi is a story dedicated to all such homemakers.


Ghar ki Murgi is a story of Seema (Shakshi). Seema is a housewife and her husband (Anurag Aroda) is a typical Indian Man. Ashwini Iyer and Nitish Tiwari have knitted this story beautifully and every scene of the story is a portrayal of agony, misery , ignorance and lack of appreciation faced by the home makers.

The story begins with a whistling pressure cooker. The pressure cooker here is projected as the emotional state of a homemaker. Seema’s day begins earlier than everybody else in the family when she is doing daily chores and at the same time preparing breakfast for the family. Regular day is never regular for the home maker because for them it’s a race. With her multitasking capacities she deliberately managed all the tasks without resting.

Seema is looking after elders in the house as well as kids. She is teaching her children as well as running a parlour. One fine day his husband arranges a party with friends at home. While she is serving fritters she overhead her husband saying,” Waxing and making eyebrows does not help enough to run a house.” Here her emotional breakdown is portrayed quite strongly. Next evening, she confronts her husband and asks for a holiday. To which her husband says, “You are not doing ANYTHING, why do you need leave?” She has nothing much left to say to her ungrateful family and she decides to leave for a holiday.

Now, her family members sit together and are concerned about how they will survive without Seema? Kids are seen distributing duties and they realise how difficult it is! Mr. Husband along with other family members is listing out required domestic and other help in the absence of Seema. Once they are done calculating the sum total to be spent is equal to half of the salary earned by the man of the house. And then comes a realisation!


Ghar ki Murgi is an eye opener for all of them who still take their homemakers for granted. She can not be replaced. She workes tirelessly and even without complaints. She does not require much. What she wants is recognition. She wants to be understood. She needs that one touch full of love and affection when she is tired. One help when she can’t cope up with chores. More than anything else, “You are doing a lot for us. You are valuable and irreplaceable. We love you!”. These words will make her day. Don’t take her for granted. Respect her contribution in house and let her feel respected!


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