By now, you have entered the 28th week of your pregnancy. It’s the starting of the third trimester of your pregnancy. You and your baby will go through some major changes this trimester.

As a mom-to-be, you will suffer major discomfort with each passing day. However, pregnancy is an exceptional feeling as your family and friends will treat you with great care. The third trimester is indeed the toughest of all as your body undergoes major changes and you will feel challenging to deal with the symptoms.

To help you with this phase of motherhood, we are here with the list of symptoms, do’s, dont’s and the seventh month of pregnancy care for you.

Major Changes During the Seventh Month of Pregnancy

By this month, your body starts preparing for the delivery. Here are some major changes that you will notice in the last trimester:

● The growing belly will not let you bend.

● You will feel hot in all weather conditions.

● You will feel swollen and bloated due to the increased blood circulation.

● You will have frequent urges to urinate as the growing baby will press your bladder.

● Fatigue and tiredness are other major symptoms.

● Your nipples will become dark in color, and your breasts will become heavy and dense.

● The increased weight could lead to complications like high blood pressure, premature birth, gestational diabetes. So make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food.

● You may develop varicose veins due to increased weight.

● Anxiety and mood swings will be constant.

● You will also experience fake contractions also known as Braxton Hicks contractions you might be able to distinguish between those and the actual ones.

● Shortness of breath will be experienced more often.

● You might also feel breast tenderness. To avoid that, try wearing a well-fitting, and comfortable bra. You can also wear it while sleeping as it helps to support the heaviness and tenderness.

● Backache is again a major problem which is due to the uterus and increasing baby weight.

Seventh Month Pregnancy Care

As you approach your last trimester, you must follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are some dos and don ts for the seventh-month pregnancy :

1. Frequent Walks: Make sure you be physically active during the last trimester. Taking a break in between chores and going for short walks is good for your health. Keep your body flexible and avoid sitting in the same position for a long time.

2. Breathing and Meditation: Practice meditation and breathing exercises. It will keep you calm and relaxed. Set a daily routine of 10-15 minutes and practice breathing techniques.

3. Eat Well: Consume iron-rich foods like eggs, fruits, cereals, leafy veggies, red meat, etc., and vitamin C supplements. These foods are raw sources of iron, important for your baby’s health and yours too. Vitamin C supplements help in the quick absorption of iron from the foods.

4. Engage in a hobby: This will help you feel comfortable, relaxed and take your mind off unnecessary concerns and feelings. It can be anything like reading a book, watering plants, painting, or singing. It will help you stay calm and focused.

5. Get Blood Tests Done: Monitor your hemoglobin levels closely through regular blood tests. Women who have the rhesus negative or Rh-negative blood type need to pay special attention to their blood reports to avoid complications during pregnancy and childbirth.


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