Ohh!! These sleepless nights. My little munchkin is a big time gimmick when it comes to sleep. No matter how many lullabies I play he fusses a lot while sleeping and his colic issues add another cherry on cake. To be true, initial weeks were the toughest and everybody warned us about the sleepless nights in the near future. My frustration level went all up due to sleep deprivation but I knew it was just start of the package. We were quite sure that the magical moments with our little one will make it all worth. Setting up a sleep routine for a baby is quite a task as it takes hell lot patience and devotion to do the same. I followed a simple pattern and by the time my baby was one month old, he started taking healthy and timely sleep during night time. So, today I will be sharing my experience of how I made a sleep schedule for my little human and some good Toddler Parenting Tips .

Let them learn the difference of day and night

Don’t ever, mark my words never keep the surroundings of your home silent during the day hours. Babies do not know the meaning of day and night. Keep your daily routines going even if your baby sleeps during day hours. The dish washer or the sound of the television will let them differentiate between day and night. After 4 weeks of constant ups and downs I was ready to get my baby sleeping for long stretches at night.

Feed them properly

An empty stomach especially during night hours makes your baby uncomfortable. At 6 weeks of age, baby’s stomach gets bigger and they stay full for longer. But babies at this age still need to be fed every few hours including throughout the night. Keep your feeding sessions calm and soothing before bed time. Let him have the fullest of meal. This will help you and your baby to sleep for long.

Learn Newborn’s Cycle

Babies alternate between two stages of sleep: non rapid eye moment and rapid eye moment. Newborn spend half their time in each stage, with a sleep cycle of about 50 minutes in length. Creating a relaxing bed time routine will signal that its time to wind down.

Identify baby Cues

It’s too soon for sleep training but many parents do plenty to instill healthy sleep habits in their newborn. Taking a note of baby cues helps a lot. My baby starts crying when he gets tired. Getting fussy or rubbing the eyes can all be the cues that it’s time for a nap. Put your newborn in crib before he completely falls asleep. This way you are teaching him to sleep without assistance.

I begin teaching him the difference between night and day to help maintaining the body’s natural clock cycle. When he wakes up in the morning, I usually take him for a walk to introduce him to daylight. This activity encourages the sense of awake-time. In evening I create a soothing environment by giving him a warm bath, reading books and keep the lights and noises low. There are many more things to read about the Child Parenting Tips .

Repeating the schedule will introduce a consistency. So mommies its time to get your sleepy nights back.


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