Motherhood is a Bliss. It gives so much joy and a feeling of completeness to a woman. It is a dream come true. Seeing life in your hand for the first time is a miracle which leaves parents teary-eyed. There are some secrets of motherhood which nobody will reveal and you can visit Indian Mom Blogs for more tips. These are the experiences only a mother will have. But these secrets are scary! It can give you goosebumps if you are going to be a mother. Most mothers wish they had known them a bit earlier so that they could have been prepared for it. It’s never too late to know! Here is a list of secrets!

Secrets of Motherhood

Well, this list is drawn out of the sheer experience. This is THAT side of motherhood which is not mentioned anywhere in the stories and culture. It is a lighter version of hardships motherhood brings in a woman’s life.

1. Mother is termed as a goddess hence she does not need a sound sleep of 8 hours. Yes, after a little munchkin is born sleeping for 8 hours is something a woman daydreams of. According to a survey, a woman loses as much as 6 years sleep just in the first 4 years of childbirth. So say Sayonara to a deep sleep!

2. Laundry is a by-product of motherhood! Once a baby is born, laundry witnesses all-time high! No matter what a mother should be prepared to wash an infinite number of clothes! Well, it will definitely include the mother’s clothes too which are stained with baby’s pee and chee!

3. Now a mother’s choice is almost a myth. After having a baby mother’s food habits, clothes selection and even her routine will depend on how the baby is feeling today!

4. Postpartum depression exists. It can literally take a toll on a mother’s health if taken as “Mood Swings” or Tantrum. So no one ever discussed the changes a mother’s life going through.

5. Advice will flow. Mother will receive a number of advice from random people. Not to be surprised if a mother is following all! Yeah, Emotional creatures!

6. A clean house will be a mission. However hard you try, a clean house with a baby is almost like snow in the desert. So it is better to stop performing for a while.

7. Rest is medicine. Often it is seen that mothers who rest enough in the first 3 months of delivery are unlikely to have back pains in future. Don’t rush to a normal routine. Let your body heal for a while.

8. Either feed or make them sleep. Yes, this schedule will be routine in the first six months of a child’s birth!

The cherry on the cake

Once your child is a toddler, please have a different locker where you can lock all your nail polishes, lipsticks, makeup essentials, sewing tools etc., and more often you can visit Toddler Parenting Tips. Your jewellery is safe outside but all of the above things are not!

And yes, be ready for a crayon painted walls with a touch of sketch pens and water colors!


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