It is believed that the first trimester is the hardest for any pregnant woman, regardless of whether it is her first time or not. From morning sickness to increased risks of miscarriages, the second month is considered the most crucial. During this time only, you can see a small blob forming in the uterus that mainly happens after 32 days from fertilization.

This is why most women look for second month pregnancy care methods to enjoy the newfound feeling of carrying another life within themselves and living their life as always. In this following article, we speak about the m0st effective and crucial 2nd-month pregnancy care ways that will help you a lot during this time.

Nutrients needed during 2nd month of pregnancy

The first thing you must know about the second month of pregnancy care is your body’s list of nutrients. This is the preparatory stage where your readies itself to develop the placenta and umbilical cord and tissue differentiation.

Therefore, your body goes through several changes, and to stay active and healthy, you need the following nutrients in your diet.

1. Folic acid: also termed as Vitamin B12, this nutrient is needed during the 7th week of pregnancy. It will protect your baby from any neural defects and increase your body’s power to absorb dietary iron.

2. Iron: required for the formation of hemoglobin, iron is one of the most essential nutrients, without which proper growth of the embryo is not possible.

3. Calcium: Another most important nutrient that you need to have is calcium. It will help strengthen your pelvic bones to support the growing embryo and prevent malnutrition.

4. Proteins: You can take protein-rich foods as per your preference. It is needed for cell division, the formation of hormones, enzymes, and more.

What should you do during the second month of pregnancy?

One of the main precautions during second month of pregnancy that you must follow is setting a lifestyle routine. For example:

i. You must work on your diet plans to ensure that you are consuming the right amount of macro and micronutrients required by your body. Failure to do so might harm the embryo.

ii. Ensure not to exert yourself physically. One of the major myths that most women believe is that they are allowed to carry on their life just the way it was. However, that’s not the truth because physical stress can be harmful to the embryo.

iii. Another thing you must keep in your mind is the morning sickness. If you suffer from any chronic form of morning sickness, you can consult your doctor and try some organic tea that helps with vomiting and nausea.


You might not get a baby bump during the second month or feel your baby kicking. But it is essential to have a smooth lifestyle, which is why you must abide by precautions during second month of pregnancy.


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