Crafts and artwork are fun tasks for the youngsters to try out especially in their formative years. Not only are these activities extremely relaxing, but they also teach children different concepts easily. Thus, when you organize craft activities for preschoolers, it would help you and the kids well.

However, craftwork is not always simple or safe. Most of it involves potentially harmful products like scissors, so adult supervision is necessary. It is not always possible to pay close attention to kids at all times. So, take the following precautions to ensure a safe craft activity time for your child.

1. Choose correct items

One of the first aspects you should consider is the type of item your child is using for the crafts. Common products include construction paper, glue, markers, crayons, felt, yarn, string, glue, toilet paper rolls, paper plates, and paintbrushes.

Of the other types, you can select safer versions like non-toxic paint, oil-based pastels, water-based markers, and child-safe scissors.

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2. Pay close attention

During craft activities for preschoolers, adults should pay close attention to the young children for proper safety. For example, there are artwork accessories like ribbons, googly eyes, glitter, beads, and buttons.

While these are easy to handle for adults, they are choking or infection hazards for kids. So, make sure to follow what your child is doing and help them with the activity when they are using such items.

3. Ensure proper room ventilation

A lot of craft items like chalk, powder, or paint have toxic fumes or dust. When people are creating crafts in small closed rooms, these components can become harmful for them.

So, choose a properly ventilated room for crafts, with big open windows. Or, you can keep big fans and switch them on to blow the fumes or dust away. Also, working outdoors is a suitable alternative.

4. Wear protective items

Another strategy you can adopt during craft activities for preschoolers is providing them with suitable protection suits. These can include everyday items like protective glasses. Dusk or other contaminants are less likely to enter the eye. Also, prepare earmuffs or earplugs for the children if there are loud sounds around during the craftwork.

5. Choose the textiles well

Some items are common in craft sessions, like fabrics and yarn. However, most of these materials contain a lot of dust or mould after long-term use. Plus, they are likely to burn up faster on exposure to fire and are a major hazard. So, properly check the items when you are buying them and keep them in a properly ventilated area of the room. Make sure the place is dry as well.

6. Avoid touches or ingestion of items

A lot of preschoolers find the items for craftwork fascinating. Thus, they like to hold them or use them more often during the activities. However, a lot of these items are made of toxic elements and pigments that harm one’s health. Therefore, keep watch to see that the children do not drink, eat, and apply the paint or hold the paintbrushes near their face.

After completing the artwork, make it a rule for them to wash their hands properly with water and soap. Make sure to wash underneath the fingernails as well since the particles can stick there. Typically, keep the nails of your child short and check to see that they do not bite them.

7. Type of clothing

Some craft items can do major harm to the skin like burns, allergic reactions, cuts, inflammation, or irritations. For example, a child can cut their hand by mistake while using scissors, which would later get infected with paint. So, for proper protection, choose the proper type of clothing like smocks, gloves, and caps for the head.


Indeed, paying proper attention to children and using the right items would keep them safe during activities for Preschoolers. Check all products well and utilize products from safety-assured brands.


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