Right age to potty train your kid

Diapers, diapers everywhere. Sometimes I get so pissed off from the diapers that I really want my baby to stand up and use the toilet asap. When you have a baby, you get loaded with bunch of diapers. You will find them in your bag, in your wardrobe, in your store-room and even in your car. Diapers are now a part of my day to day life, for so long that its now hard to imagine not needing them anymore. I so hope to see the day when my little human will walk into the toilet by his own, pee or poop and come back without even letting me know.

And I know the day is coming. It’s going to be glorious as dreams. In between today and tomorrow, there is a big big project: potty training. I am very much ready for the same but is my little one?

When to start potty training?

There’s no perfect age to potty train your baby. Every child’s timing is different just like walking, speaking and sleeping. When your child gets ready he will show signs of interest by asking about toilet seat, potty and underwear. Each milestone of your child’s journey depends on his physical and emotional growth. Many kids show interest when they are 2 and many of them couldn’t learn even when they are 3. Exceptions are always there. Let me tell you one more fact that girls usually show interest earlier than boys and get used to it very quickly.

Tips for Potty Training

• Try talking to your kid while you use toilet. Show them the positive side of using toilets. Use words like pee, poop or potty which your child can easily say.

• Put the potty seat in the bathroom so that your child gets familiar with it. Make a creative potty corner in the bathroom for your child, let them sit on it and offer them a toy to play.

• Understand the clues. Read their red faces and grunting sounds when they want to pee or poop.

• Note down the time when they usually pee or poop. Try establishing a routine and let your child sit on the seat at those times, especially after having meals of drinking a lot of liquid.

• Choose comfortable clothes for your babies in whom they can easily manage to sit or stand.

• Teach them to wipe correctly from front to back, to wash their hands properly. Teach them to clean the seat.

• Motivate them. Use words or stickers that praise your child. Keep calm, your good attitude is surely gonna help them.

Patience is the Key

Don’t rush into things. It’s a milestone to celebrate when your child is finally able to use toilet. But staying dry during night time is equally important and it may take years for their bodies to get mature enough and develop a bed time routine. Put a mattress cover and keep using diapers during the night time.

Right age to potty train your kid


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