7 trending Raksha Bandhan outfits to try in 2022

Rakshabandhan has almost arrived and you aren’t sure what to wear? Here are ideas for Raksha Bandhan outfits to try in 2022. A saree, an indo-western, sharara or maybe an ethnic gown can be the best idea to carry this Raksha Bandhan.

With the change in time, the change in fashion has also taken over the market. Being blingy at every festival is not only important for one’s social media and posts but also for one’s satisfaction. Fashion is something that changes every other day, to cope with the trends you need to stay updated and choose the best that suits you. Before choosing an outfit you should be knowing about the trends as well as what suits you better because relying completely on trends might go wrong while choosing something that suits you may turn out to be a much better option. Here in this blog let’s discuss Raksha Bandhan outfits to try in 2022.

A trendy Saree

Sarees are always the best option to wear, when you are not sure about an outfit, a saree should be your only option. A saree makes you look, taller, slimmer and classic all the time. Preferring a trendy saree like sequins based or maybe an ombré colour would be the best rakshabandhan outfit idea for you.

An Indo Western

When you don’t want things to be too western or too ethnic, indo western dresses are the best. Indo western outfits enhance one’s looks and are easier to carry, so if you are confused choosing between a gown, suit or anything like that then you should go for an Indo western outfit.

Raksha Bandhan outfits

Slay with a Crop top and skirt combo

A crop top and skirt give you a look of lehnga carrying which may make you look much more elegant. According to the weather during the Raksha Bandhan, crop tops and skirts turn out to be the best outfit as they aren’t too heavy to carry and lets you enjoy the festival. Buying a georgette or rayon fabric dress would be more suitable as they look heavy but in actuality, they aren’t.

Simple but elegant Kurta-pant/plazo set

Kurta pants or kurta palazzos are so much in fashion these days. While you choose raksha bandhan outfits to try in 2022, you should keep the combo of kurta palazzos or pants at top of your list. These kinds of dresses are comfortable to wear, easy to carry as well as suit all body types. Carrying a mauve coloured or maybe a red or green coloured kurta-pant would be a great idea.

Never out of trend, the Patiyala suits

The Patiala suits have been in trend for so long, carrying a patiyala suit with jutti, and heavy net dupatta looks extremely attractive. A Patiala suit makes you look fuller and prettier so if you are looking for an outfit that is in trend and can remain in trend for a longer time then Patiala suits would be the best option for this rakshabandhan.

Slay in Sharara suits

Shararas have taken over the market right now, everyone has at least one sharara in their wardrobe. If not, then go get one for yourself this Raksha Bandhan. Shararas are elegant and easy to carry, they make you look more attractive as well as it has a lot of other benefits too like it’s quite comfortable and much more.

Get traditional with Ethnic Gowns

Ethnic gowns are the best rakshabandhan outfit ideas, these are very much in trend and make you look classic. Carrying a white chicken Kari ethnic gown or maybe a nude shade rayon or georgette gown would be the best idea for this rakshabandhan.

What to keep in mind while choosing your raksha bandhan outfit ideas?

While you are going to shop for yourself, you need to keep following things in your mind.

  • Likes: Liking an outfit is the thing, everyone wants to wear what they like. So do not worry about others’ opinions and trends instead choose something that you like.
  • Current status: Before you buy an outfit, you should check your current wardrobe status for the same. This means that you should buy something that you don’t have or something that you require, getting the same or the similar kind of outfits will make it seem boring. So utilize your money and mind while shopping and get something different for yourself.
  • Style: While shopping, you should also take care of the style of the outfit. The style should be in trend and should suit you the best, buying something out of style or fashion may not seem attractive. So always prefer buying things that are in style and have a sober and elegant look which will make you look classic.
  • Fit: The fitting of an outfit plays a crucial role, wrong fits can turn out the best outfit to look super bad. Take this point seriously while you prepare for rakshabandhan outfit ideas because the fit of the dress defines the dress. Always prefer buying a dress that fits you the best, neither too tight nor too loose, get what fits you better and makes you look smarter.
  • Colour: Finding a suitable color is one of the most important tasks while shopping, you need to choose a colour that is suitable for the occasion, and you too. You also need to keep in mind the weather, because wearing too dark in summers or maybe too light colors in winter may not seem good.
  • Quality: An outfit looks good not only by its colour, fit, or style but also by quality plays an important role. If the quality of an outfit isn’t good it will not make you feel comfortable so prefer wearing good quality clothes so that you can feel comfortable and look elegant as well.
  • Budget: Most important thing while you shop for your raksha bandhan outfit is making and keeping your budget in mind. Budget is important not only to save money but also to utilize it for other important stuff, spending too much on a dress is never a smart idea. So always make a budget and spend after looking at all the aspects of buying the best outfit.

Raksha Bandhan outfits


Rakshabandhan is a special occasion so style yourself this rakhi with the best rakshabandhan outfit ideas provided above. You should also keep a lot of things in your mind while shopping like style, fit, colour, budget and much more.


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