It’s a well know saying that it takes a village to raise a child!! I mean the huge Indian joint families where Dada, dadi, chacha, chachi and all live happily under one roof. “A home is a place where we care about each other and do the best for the development of the family”. I being a kid of the joint family, personally feel that a child born in a joint family grows hassle-free. I guess it’s much better to get your kid to immerse in a crowded home with loads of people having real feelings, instead of growing in a virtual world of social media.

I have seen nuclear families living in my society and managing all the stuff alone; pregnant ladies handling the household and office work together, their husbands carrying hell lot of responsibilities, working moms finding time for their kids after returning from work. Every day is no less than a struggle for these couples. Living alone, no doubt makes them stronger but at the same time, they start turning into zombies craving for just a cup of coffee. In this era where newborn babies are super smart and active, it is quite difficult for both the parents to tackle them alone.

Raising a kid in the absence of a support system can be a traumatic and unhappy experience. A good daycare is an option to provide support to the modern parents, but the personalized attention and care that a family gives to the child are irreplaceable. I would love to tell you all about the perks of raising your kid in a big happy joint family.

1. Strong Support System: Joint families have a strong and wide support system for every member. Every outlook of parenting, from looking to a child’s physical needs or growing him intellectually, from helping in his homework or playing with him in a garden is crucial and requires attention. Children, who get the shelter of joint families over their heads, never get deprived of all this stuff as the tasks of parenting can be easily split amongst the members.

2. Moms are free to work: Ladies living in the joint family have the perk of restarting their work again easily, as dadi and chachi can take good care of her baby. Moms need not be dependent on nannies or daycare. Ladies usually have good companies and pieces of advice during the important events of life like pregnancy or delivery.

3. The benefit of Elderly Wisdom: The grandparents are always blessed with a richer experience of life. The wisdom of being with them is a real boon for a child in a joint family. Kids tend to learn good virtues and qualities from them. They learn the importance of relationships and how to love each other unconditionally.

Although I too had a share of fights and arguments with my cousins, I did find that being a part of the joint family has a lot of advantages. It’s been well said that “a family that eats together lives together”.


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