Delicious and easy, sandwiches are the real saviors of our hunger pranks. They get ready in no time and require low bank of ingredients to cook. You can make them as simple as you want or get creative and use a variety of ingredients to make it exotic. A sandwich will never disappoint you, as they are simply wonderful.

Exotic or simple, stuffed or layered, grilled or toasted, sandwiches are loved by eveyone. Sandwiches are easy to make and eat and acts as a complete meal. If you are not sure what to do with sudden snack attacks, create a wholesome sandwich to quick fix your hunger.

Perfect tea time sandwich recipes

1. Cucumber and Cheese Sandwich: Refreshing and easy sandwich recipes best for tiffin treats. If you are planning to go on a road trip this sandwich is the best takeaway snack. It stays fresh upto 4 hours and is loved by every age group.
● 4 whole wheat bread slices
● 2 tbsp cheese spread
● 12 thin cucumber slices
● A pinch of black pepper powder

a. Trim the edges of bread slices and keep aside.
b. Apply ½ tbsp of cheese spread on each bread slice.
c. Now put 6 cucumber slices over a bread slice and sprinkle some black pepper powder.
d. Top it with another bread slice.
e. Cut the sandwich diagonally into two halves.
f. Serve or wrap it in aluminium foil and pack it in air tight tiffin box.

2. Potato and Corn Sandwich: A yummy sandwich made with brilliant mix of ingredients like potato, corn, carrots and green chutney. The crunchy vegetables and spicy chutney gives it a heavenly taste.
● 4 bread slices
● Butter for spreading
● ½ cup boiled and mashed potatoes
● 2 tbsp grated carrots
● 2 tbsp boiled sweet corn
● 1 tsp green chutney
● 1 tbsp mayonnaise
● 1 tbsp cheese spread
● ½ tsp chilli flakes
● Black pepper powder to taste

a. Prepare the stuffing by mixing potatoes, carrots, sweet corn, chutney, mayonnaise, cheese spread, chilli flakes and black pepper powder.
b. Take a bread slice and spread butter on it.
c. Now place a portion of prepared stuffing on the bread slice.
d. Cover it with another bread slice.
e. Spread butter over it evenly.
f. Heat tawa and toast the sandwich from both the sides evenly.
g. Cut the sandwich diagonally into two pieces.
h. Serve it with tomato sauce and wafers.

3. Chocolate grilled Sandwich: A treat for a sweet tooth. A perfect combination of chocolate, bread and nuts. Your kids are surely going to cherish each bite of this sandwich. Tastes best when served with a hot cup of coffee.
● 4 bread slices
● 3 tbsp nutella spread
● 2 tbsp chocolate chips
● 2 tbsp mixed chopped nuts
● Melted butter

a. Take bread slices and spread nutella evenly.
b. Sprinkle some chocolate chips and mixed nuts.
c. Cover it with another bread slice.
d. Grill it in a preheated sandwich griller for 4-5 minutes or till the sandwich turns golden brown.
e. Cut into two halves.
f. Serve hot with a cup of coffee.


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