Is the authoritative parenting style good for my child? What kind of parent am I? Am I doing my parenting right? What is the best parenting style to adopt? Should I let my child do whatever he wants to do with his life, or should I pave the path and let him walk over it? These questions must have hit your mind several times in your life and most of the time you have no answers to them.

Well, today we bring you the pros and cons of the Authoritative Parenting Style.

What Is An Authoritative Parenting Styles?

In an authoritative parenting styles, the parent takes complete control of the kid’s lifestyle. The parents start making all the decisions and expect their children to obey them. Clear guidelines are set for the kids. No Ifs and Buts involved. It is more of a “Do as I say” parenting. An authoritative parenting styles might sound a little shackled but it is practiced to achieve certain goals being set by the parents as they take complete responsibility for the result.

Pros Of Authoritative Parenting Styles

  1. Becomes Disciplined: An authoritative parenting style always focuses on a child’s overall personality development. Parents want them to follow the army discipline daily. A sense of being disciplined and knowing the limits arouses automatically in kids.
  2. More Responsible: Children become more responsible as compared to children who aren’t trained under an authoritative parenting styles.
  3. Enhanced Manners And Etiquette: One of the best advantages of an authoritative parenting style is that the kids develop an enhanced manner and etiquette. They prefer to live their lifestyle with a class.
  4. Mentally Strong: Studies have shown that these kids tend to develop stronger mental conditions and controlled emotions.
  5. Good Team And Solo Worker: These kids tend to have a quality of a great team as well as a solo worker. They know which order to take and how to follow it.
  6. Respect For Adults: One of the major traits of an authoritative parenting style that a kid develop is that they begin to realize the importance of seniors in their early stages of learning and hence, starts respecting the adults.

Cons Of Authoritative Parenting Styles

  1. Encourages Child To Rebel: Over-dictating at some point in time may lead a kid to rebel and change his perception of you.
  2. Lack Of Leadership Quality: These kids are always either spoon-fed or dictated, as a result, the quality of a good worker develops while the leadership quality doesn’t.
  3. Lack Of Problem-Solving Ability: A trained child lacks the problem-solving ability and thinking in critical situations.
  4. May Lead To Introvert: It is often seen that kids who fall under this kind of parenting hesitate to talk to their parents on several occasions. They are unable to express themselves in public.
  5. Becomes Vulnerable To Pressure: A pressure of performing and pleasing the parents is always there. Even when they succeed, parents focus on the loopholes and not the efforts.
  6. Might Begin To Hide Failures: Sometimes the kid lies to hide his mistakes and avoid punishments.

Wrapping Up

No parenting styles is good or bad. Every style has its unique advantages and disadvantages too. It’s up to you what style suits you and your kid the best and your vision for the kid’s future.


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