Have you recently noticed yourself saying “no” a lot? Or you are saying “don’t touch this, don’t touch that” on a repeat mode? If you are experiencing that your little one has outgrown your arms and not fits into those cute outfits, you likely have a toddler in your presence.

Toddler years are full of energy, smiles, hugs, and lots of tantrums. You will have exhausting days almost regularly and suddenly they will become a big kid. So before, these cute little bubbly faces turn into stubborn monsters, let’s make the most of it.

We have rounded up 10 must-have toddler products that will help you trek down the trail of tot-hood and prepare for the new exciting chapter of growing kid. And don’t forget to cuddle and play with your kiddo as long as you can because those are the things you will soon find you never wanted to outgrow.

Let’s get started with the top 10 products that you can buy for your toddler from Amazon India.

#1. A Sippy Cup: It’s time to wave goodbye to baby spoons and feeding bottles. As your kid is growing, he is anxious to learn to hold and drink from his cup. These super cute sippy cups are perfect for them. Easy to handle and use, you can easily carry them to a picnic or a house party.

Check out all the attractive colors and designs at https://www.amazon.in/s?k=sippy+cup+for+babies+1+year&ref=nb_sb_noss

Price Range: These fancy yet cute sippy cups are quite reasonable. The price range starts from Rs. 120/- per cup.

#2. Potty Seat: This is the time to potty train your toddler. So keep your little one safe, comfortable, and confident by using the right supplies. Choose from a wide range of toilet seats available on Amazon to train your toddler.

Looking for options to buy one, click on the link below

Price Range: The basic range starts from Rs. 250/- and varies as per the brand and quality.

#3. Bedrail Guard: Now when your cutie pie has grown into a big kid, cribs are no more of any use. To keep your little one safe from falling down of the bed, protective side rails are necessary. These bedrails are easy to use and you can simply fold down the rail in the morning.

Check out this amazing product on Amazon:

Price Range: You can get a variety of bed rails starting from Rs. 1599/-

#4. Play table: Play table are enjoyed by growing children and are extremely important. The only thing to be taken care of while buying a play table is it’s height. If your munchkin is able to reach the table, he will really enjoy playing with block or puzzles on it.

Check out the complete range of play tables on the link below

Price Range: The price of play tables vary according to the size and design. But you can get the basic model starting at Rs. 565/-

#5. Magna Doodle Board: A Magna doodle board will keep your toddler busy and it is one of the essentials for a child’s playroom. It will keep him occupied and learn as well. Not only is it a great addition to toddler’s playroom but you can also carry it around for your toddler when you are out for the day with him. It will keep him busy while you get your work done.

Buy the best boards online at

Price Range : These creative and engaging boards will cost you aroundnd Rs. 250/- to Rs. 600/-

#6. Crocs: For all utilitarian reasons, a pair of Crocs sandals is a must-have for a 1-year-old and a toddler. These sandals can easily be worn and can be cleaned easily too. They are hardy and can withstand the zealous activity that a toddler’s life usually involves, and they are super comfortable. What’s more, is that they come in such vibrant colours. Your baby will love wearing them for sure.

Check out the sizes and designs at

Price Range : The starting price of crocs sandals is Rs. 727/- and the range gets wider as per the pattern and color.

#7. Bath Toys : Most mommies have faced the nightmare called bath time. Some children love a warm bath while others are terrified of water and hate taking a bath. Having some fun bath alphabets or colour changing bath tablets can entice your little one into the baby-tub to have a bath. Once he gets into a bathtub, he might refuse to come out of if he likes his bath toys.

You can buy some super cute bath toys at

Price Range: Bath toys are quite reasonable and the range starts from Rs. 120/-

#8. Cutlery: Some children are a real mess when it comes to food. If your baby is a fussy eater and feeding him is more of a challenge to you, then having a good colorful set of cutlery may ease your problem.

Watch out some cute and organic designs at

Price Range: Buy some cute and trendy cutlery sets at Rs. 120/-

#9. Blanket: a baby or toddler needs a soft blanket to sleep peacefully. if the blanket is too light, it could make him cold. if it is too heavy, your baby could get smothered by the heat. so, pick a cosy and pretty blanket that your child grows to adore. you could get him a cuddle lovey with the blanket which may bring a sense of security to your little one when he sleeps.

Check out the complete range of blankets for your toddler at

Price Range: The starting range of blankets on Amazon is Rs. 495/-

#10. Building Blocks: Block games are necessary to enhance the motor skills of toddlers. So you must buy building block for your little munchkin. Also, children love playing with these colorful blocks.

Buy block games on Amazon at

Price Range: The range starts from Rs. 99/- on Amazon.


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