Remember the guy who taught you how to tide your bicycle and tie your shoelaces? I guess you all do. So no it’s time to move on and gift him something that isn’t the usual Archie’s card and standard ‘Best Dad in the World’ mug? Give him something that personifies him. What kind of man is your father? Does he NEVER wear less than perfectly ironed trousers? Is he always well-groomed? Does he fancy himself the debonair type or is he more at home bent over the barbecue? Whoever your Dad is like, we are here with a list of perfect father’s day gift ideas for him.

#1. For Music Lover Dad

If your dad loves to sing and listen to some old romantic classics or soothing gazals, gift him an audio player. Take your dad back to the good retro days with Saregama Carvaan. This portable digital audio player with in-built stereo speakers comes with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs inside. With the option to tune into FM, Carvaan doubles up as your home radio too. The 5000 songs music collection on Saregama Carvaan has been handpicked and categorized based on singers, lyricists, music composers, moods, etc. With its premium retro look, extensive content library, ease of use, and warranty, Saregama Carvaan becomes the perfect gift for your dad.

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Price: You can buy this audio player for Rs. 6099/-

#2. For A Dad Who Loves Pampering :

It’s not every day you see a guy who goes that extra mile with his skincare regimen. So, if your dad loves playing around with your face cleansers and creams, then you know what to do. The Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box – For Men combines the daily essentials for the face and body in one beautiful indulgent package. It includes the Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser, Pure Vetiver Water, Mint Lip Balm, Khus Natural Soap, and Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream For Men—all lovingly handcrafted with pure, natural, and organic ingredients.

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Price: Buy this exclusive grooming kit for Rs. 2995/-

#3. For Fitness Lover Dad

If your dad is a gym and a fitness freak, you have a great option of gifting him some health and fitness gadgets that he would have been wanting to own for a long time. You can go for many options available online. The Noise ColorFit-2 fitness band with a heart tracker and a pedometer is a good option.

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Price: The range starts from Rs. 1799/-

#4. For Fashion Freak Dad

If you have a daddy who still wants to look younger than you, you must gift him something new to try on. So, while you might be thinking of buying him a new pair of jeans or a shirt of his choice. You can likewise also gift your dad a pair of new shoes or sandals. This pair of sliders from crocs is a smart choice.

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Price: Get these super cool white sliders at Rs. 2099/-

#5. For a Nature Lover Dad :

For dads who are close to nature and love gardening, self-watering plants are a good choice. You can choose from a variety of plants like money plants, jade plants, and bamboo plants. They have a life span of more than 2 years. They are low-maintenance succulents that bloom in the spring.

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Price: Get such cute and lovely plants at Rs. 349/-


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