Festive season.. Oh sorry, fasting season in on!!! Yeah, pious navratris are gone and now ladies are waiting for their most favorite fasting day, Karva Chauth. We all know that fasting holds a great significance in India and one festival on which fast is observed by almost every woman is Karva Chauth. Majorly celebrated in the northern part of India in the first place, it has now become popular in every sector of Indian society. As the Kartik Maas is about to begin, all the pati-vrata women out there have already started the preparations for the day. Parlour sittings, beautiful dresses, matching jewelry is the talk of the town.

But ladies, dont forget to miss the most important part. The Sargi. Yes, Sargi is a holy tradition that must be followed to begin your Karva Chauth vrat. If you are also wondering what is it and what goes into a perfect traditional sargi thali, keep reading on.

What is Sargi ?

Sargi is a pre-dawn meal that every woman eats before sunrise. The fast is observed from sunrise to moon rise. Sargi holds great singnficance and value in Karva Chauth vrat. Usually it is prepared by mother-in-laws for their lovely bahus. Mithi mathi, shakkar para, dry fruits, semiyan and many other delicacies that you are supposed to eat before sunrise on the day. It is a symbol of love and blessings of a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law. It is served to every bahu for successful completion of fast and to have a blessed and long marriage.

The ideal time to have a sargi is between 3 am to 4 am. Usually women wake up at 3 am, take a bath and after getting ready as per traditions, eats sargi prepared by mother-in-law. After having the sargi, nirjala vrat begins and you are not supposed to have anything till moon rises. Sargi is of utmost importance as it is the only meal a woman has in the whole day and thats why is should be nutritious to keep the fasting woman go throughout the day without feeling weak and tired. Here’s a perfect sargi thali that my sasu maa gives me on Karva Chauth to keep me lively and energetic through out the day.

1. Fruits and Fruits: A bunch of fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and kiwis is the best option to have before fasting. Fruits have high water content that makes them perfect for a pre-dawn meal. Include good amount of fruits in your sargi this year and you will really feel amazing the whole day.

2. Dried nuts : Almonds, cashews, pistachios, dates are high in nutrients and calories. Having a handful of nuts in sargi will keep you fuller for longer time and provide you ample energy.

3. Sweets : A sargi thali must have sweets. Having sweets on a pious day is of utmost importance in Indian tradition. The sugar content in sweets is great for providing much needed energy.

4. Light foods: Home cooked light foods that are easy to digest can be a major part of sargi. A simple sabzi along with roti and some sweet halwa is good to go. Avoid any heavy and fried foods that make you lethargic.

Now as you know what goes into a traditional sargi thali, be ready to enjoy your Karva Chauth. We wish you a happy fasting!!


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