Having Postpartum Depression? Here are some useful tips to make you feel better

Taking a newborn baby home is one of the happiest occasions in a mother’s life. But for many new moms, experiencing motherhood is not always bright. After childbirth, you will have many happy moments like watching your little human yawn with his eyes closed or snuggle as he gets cozy in your arms. But with these beautiful moments, there will also be times where you will feel exhausted and want a break from all the chores to sit alone in one spot and do nothing. After being a mom, days certainly get overwhelming.

You may have a hard time catching some sound sleep or eat your favorite dessert. The initial months are full of confusion and helplessness. When these bleak and cloudy feelings last for more than a week or two, it could be an indication of postpartum depression. According to a recent report, about 22% of Indian mothers suffer from postpartum depression. If left untreated, it can prevent you from being yourself or enjoy the initial days of motherhood.

Mothers lose interest in daily tasks and find it hard to bond with the newborn baby. The best way to tackle it is by visiting a trusted medical professional. They will try to understand your symptoms and draw up the best treatment plan for you. There are also some things you can do that work as great pick-me-ups when you are feeling low.

Tips That Will Make You Feel Better

When You Have Postpartum Depression
Being diagnosed with postpartum depression can put a cloud over what is supposed to be a delightful time. But it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips for managing postpartum depression and regaining your confidence!

#1. Be a little easier on yourself

If you are feeling too low, there’s no shame in accepting it. Feeling depressed after the baby is real and valid. Make an effort to reach out to a loved one who can listen and understand your feelings. That friend who had offered to help with babysitting? Pick up the phone, and reach out to them to take them up on their offer. Let your husband or any other trusted person take care of the baby for some time. Go easy for a bit, relax and unwind, and get some air to breathe.

#2. Eat Healthily

Eat nutritious and healthy food that can give your body the nutrients you need and help you feel better. Have sliced apple, carrots, and cheese as these are easy to grab on the go. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to indulge in your favorite treats once in a while, ZERO GUILT!

#3. Small Changes make a huge impact

Little things always make a huge impact. Start with taking baby steps. Yes, we know you are jam-packed but a head massage once a week is not a bad idea. You might have forgotten how great hair days and pampered skin can make a woman feel like she can take on the world! So, indulge in a routine hair and skin-pampering session.

#4. Work-outs

Exercising during pregnancy and after childbirth is helpful to reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression. Go for a walk with your baby in a stroller to get in some fresh air. You can join exercise groups or classes and socialize with new moms. If you can’t fit in an extensive exercise session in your day, fret not! Simply put on some music within the comfort of your home, and break into your signature dance moves.

#5. Find Emotional Support

Don’t feel guilty about finding emotional support. You may want to hide these feelings from everyone but reaching out to your husband or mom will certainly help you a lot. You could join a support group for new moms. You’ll probably find that most of them are going through (or have experienced) postpartum depression too. This is a great way to find people with shared interests, have access to tried and tested methods, and find great professional help if you choose to.

When to seek Professional Treatment?

Please reach out for professional help if:
● You have had symptoms for more than two weeks.
● You are feeling anxious, panicked, or scared throughout the day.
● You’re unable to function normally or cope with everyday situations.
● You have thoughts of harming yourself or the baby.

The Takeaway

Feeling unhappy or depressed after your baby’s birth does not mean that you are a bad mother or your baby doesn’t love you. Your baby has nothing but love for you, no matter what! Remember – your friends and family are there for you. Do reach out to seek professional help — both for your health and your baby’s health. Most importantly, you should realize that you are stronger than you know, and everything is going to be okay. You’ve got this mamma!


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