So the golden era of eating and fueling the food of my choice is over now. I had lots and lots of spicy and tangy flavors to satisfy my cravings during pregnancy. Ohh, it was satisfying. But every mom knows that motherhood comes with many challenges and adjusting to the new diet is quite difficult. As I am breastfeeding, both of my moms got so strict that I wasn’t even allowed to have anything of my choice till 40 days. To be very honest, I am very much thankful to them as my nights could have converted into a nightmare due to his colic issues. After giving birth I wasn’t allowed to eat for a day as it was c-section. I was damn hungry and wanted to have that crispy aloo bondas that my mummy brought for my husband. But hell no, I came to know that I couldn’t eat it as it will affect my baby’s digestion.

The journey to tasteless and boring food started from there. So today, I will be sharing my healthy diet to bring up a healthy baby.

Nutrients Needed by a New Mom

Even though we are not eating for two now, our body still needs to restore a lot of nutrients. I used to fill half of my plate with fruits and vegetables. The other half includes whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, or quinoa. I completely avoided packaged and processed foods that were high in salt, fats, and sugar.

Diet It Up:

1. Oatmeal: Full of fibers and high in protein it kept me full and satisfied the whole day. Oats also help mommys with milk production. I tried many simple yet delicious recipes like oats chilla, oats upma, oats raita to satisfy my cravings.
2. Loads of nuts: Nuts are rich in protein and always make a good snack to munch on. I kept a jar filled with roasted almond, cashew, and walnuts handy and grab a handful when I needed to boost my energy. These healthy fats also help in the organ and brain development of my little one.
3. Greek Yogurt: My everyday breakfast accompanied with parantha. But I always kept it plain to avoid extra sugar.
4. Ghee: I hate, hate, and super hate this ingredient, but I was forced to have a lot and lots of ghee as it is needed to strengthen the body after delivery and it also helps in milk production.
5. Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds are said to be a superfood if you are breastfeeding. A handful of cumin seeds kept my body cool and helped to produce good quality milk for babies.
6. Ajwain Water: Drinking boiled ajwain water does wonder to reduce the belly fat and keeps the acidity and gas troubles away post-delivery.

Making the above a necessary part of your diet will surely help you gain all the required nutrients. You can also try various recipes using these simple ingredients to satisfy your tangy cravings.


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