Patal lok (Stories in this mirror…. are deeper than they appear)

“Ye jo duniya hai na duniya, ye ek nahi teen duniya hai.
Sabse upar swarg lok jisme devta rehte hai
Beech mein dharti lok, jisme aadmi rehte hai
Aur sabse neeche…..patal lok, jisme keede rehte hai….
Jo yeh patal lok ke keede hai na, vo dharti ke aadmiyo ko kaat lete hai
Aur tab hota hai…..

The following excerpt is from the recent release “Patal Lok”, a new addition to the Amazon Prime series. Patal lok Released on 15th of May, 2020 managed to get high ratings along with mixed reviews all over the country.

What Patal lok has for you?

Patal lok, a blend of twisted plots and tales woven between the different states of country which further are categorised into three loks (world).

It shows all aspects of a criminal as well as a police inspector, hence, you’ll, in the end, certainly get confused whom to blame and how.

Sudip Sharma started the script of Patal Lok in 2017. It was his maiden attempt at writing in a long form. The team consisted Hardik Mehta, Gunjit Chopra, Sagar Haveli, who were also the beginners in writing. Sharma wrote first two episodes while others completed the remaining ones.

The story starts with a dramatic opening:

In an attempt for a planned murder of a high profile journalist, Sanjeev Mehra, 4 goons are handed over to a local policeman Hathi Ram Chaudhary. CBI hands him over the rest of case for investigation. Moreover, the four culprits, identified as Tope Singh, Vishal Tyagi, Chini and Kabir M. Tope Singh is popular as “Chaku” and “Tyagi” as “hathoda” for their killing weapons. Though from the start case seemed to be in a lime light, yet a light case but soon it drags the inspector into the other dimension, called Patal lok.

On the other hand, Sanjeev is struggling for regaining his lost aura among people through the news agency. His character only plays dirty tantrums to hold back his seat. His role only diverts audience from the real story. You can find Hathi Ram telling him:
“Ek baar mile the sir apse, tab sochte the bad aadmi kaisa hota hoga.
Acha hua aaj sachchai pata chal gai.”

Little by little, yet pace by pace, mystery continues to tangle Hathi Ram as he experiences the other faces of culprits as well. Moreover new faces start to enter the story along with the ideal Masterji. Mastermind of the game, yet hidden behind the curtains. Inspector loses his job while solving the case. Later it turns out that it was not Sanjeev but Tyagi, whose murder was planned by the politician, Banerjee.

Pace by pace, story starts to take a different route when Tyagi shoots himself after getting to know about death of his ideal Masterji. Moreover, to replace Gujjar, brother of Masterji from elections, Banerjee decides the game to remove all the obstacles from his path.

The story shows different issues, yet it fails to add something new to the series. Political drama, islamophobia, caste discrimination along with the pity condition of the other genders are included to add the spice,nothing new to the audience. The condition of women in rural areas is still a matter of pity. The end revelation of Banerjee’s plans and the fabrication of story by CBI hold the audience for a while.

Politics played a wide role in deciding further plot of the story. Banerjee in himself, found casteism a great agenda in order to grab the votes of population. Even though they were solid supporters of his competitor, yet this issue was fine enough to grab their minds. India no doubt, famous for its secularism and democracy, yet sometimes fail to unite the dimensions.

Why Patal lok is a must watch?

To sum up, after all revelations and confronting, Hathiram gets his job back, his life back on track. Yet Kabir and Cheeni hold the suspense about what will happen to them in future. As it is sure, to predict the possibility of the 2nd series.

The series is getting both positive as well as negative critic reviews. Some referred to it as a “Hellish high with Quirky touch” while others found it provoking negative issues of the country.

. News has stated that sentiments of communities were hurt as dialogues solely were enough to lighten the fire between them. Therefore it clearly shows that not all parts of the society are attached to the show similarly.

Though, the bitter truth is that, India still is suffering silently, in the areas nobody knows. The depiction of powerless poor communities is one of the reasons that a child decides to kill and hold a weapon only to protect himself against the injustice.

Some call it a marvellous going of the cinema.Well you only know your reviews when you watch it yourself.


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