Parenting – a topic close to my heart! Not because I am a mother to 2 beautiful kids but because I love kids overall & I truly feel that everyone should experience this WONDERFUL feeling once in a life time. Parenting, it’s just about giving birth to someone but can also revolve around raising a child like your own.

Recently, I read some lame memes & explanations against having kids. Statements & Logic’s like kids are simply a result of Physical intimacy, having second kid for the first kid is NO thing & worst of all, having a kid is so against Green Movement.. I mean YEAH! This is all left to hear & the world should fall & we all should die.

Let me quickly address these 3 weird logic’s & then write more:

1. Outcome of Sex: I mean if kids were just a lazy outcome of sex when why would there ever be “Orphanages” that fulfil the dream of so many people trying hard to be parents? Parenting is not an add on responsibility. I mean technically it is but think of it as an enjoyable responsibility wherein you develop a lifelong bond with your offsprings. It’s like you are giving birth to your next Best Friend.

2. Child for another child: Yes! Absolutely, it is a thing! I know SOO many mothers / fathers who firmly believe in this ideology & this theory is quite famous in Parenting world 😉 & not to miss that it also leaves the scope open for those accidental pregnancies. :)))

3. Against Green Movement: I mean WTF?? I know there is a huge difference between number of births happening & number of deaths happening & people should surely stay in limits while planning their little families but why can’t we talk about other factors & work on them rather than spreading such shit!

So, if you are a newly wed couple reading this, please don’t keep yourself guarded against becoming a parent. I mean go for it, its a BEST feeling!!

If for some reasons you can’t conceive naturally, consider Adoption! You know, you get blessed twice by the guarding angels if you do that?? Firstly because you are being Brave & taking ownership of another life, teach them morale values, add more goodness to the world & secondly because it takes a lot of courage & love to take that stand & stay committed.

People who are still anti- parents, I have nothing to say to you!!


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