Being a mom to a 5 months old, I can surely say that parenting is a tough task and demands one to be on his toes. It requires a great deal of pateince, attention and understanding of a child’s needs. Everyone in the family tries hard to bring up the kids in a perfect manner.

At times, parents realize that slowly their kids are turning into a stubborn individual. Dealing with a stubborn kid is a painful situation and is quite hard as well. Kids start throwing tantrums which slowly intensify into tempramental behaviors. If you are also facing the same issue, its time to review your parenting methods. Even if you know that your child is behaving well and you feel no chance of him or her losing track, its always safe to review your parenting methods and check the control is never lost.

Here are some parenting secrets shared by super moms that will help you before hand. Let’s have a look:

1. Violence is a big no : Raising hand or scolding will never help you out. It will only increase the anger quotient in kids and will have a negative impact on their mindset. Handle your kids with love and patience.

2. Kindness is the key : Be kind and understanding. Talk to your kid with patience and kindness. Involve in their daily routine and share yours with them. Talk to them about their day to day activities. This will help you bond with your kid strongly.

3. Always take a positive approach: Do not always look at the negativity of your baby. Pointing out his or her negative side is a good thing but don’t just stick to negativity. Appreciate the good qualities of your baby and use good parenting tips to explain them how to leave the negative traits.

4. Do not neglect your child: Make sure that your child is never neglected or put down in front of his siblings or cousins. Value your child and build a tolerant and equal environment at home. Never compare your child to others.

5. Be a role model : Set a good example before your child. Parent’s behavior leaves a great impact on child’s mind. Be careful of your actions and make sure you don’t act in an inappropriate way in front of your child.

6. Keep calm : Don’t react aggressively on your child’s behavior. If you notice your child doing something wrong, take him aside and deal with the matter.

7. Be friendly : Make your kids comfortable enough so that they can share their secrets with you. Be interactive and give them their space and comfort. This will never make them feel neglected or lonely.

8. Find out the cause behind aggression : Try finding the reason behind their anger. You must know what exactly is making them violent and stubborn. Understanding the reason will help you deal with them more easily. It is very crucial to know the Child Parenting Tips to be a supermom.

Parenting is not terrifying, so never make your kids feel it this way. Try to be their friends and make them comfortable in their own space. Remember, your child should respect you out of love and not fear.!!


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