I still remember that Sunday morning when I showed my husband two red lines on the pregnancy kit and he got filled with excitement. Great responsibilities come along with great powers but still each one of us have to learn many important lessons to take care of a child. We women go through pregnancy, labor and what not, but the real test begins when we bring our baby home. Once home, you might feel like having no idea about what you are doing. Me and my husband decided to go for a parenting class before child birth and trust me, it helped us a lot. If you are going to be a parent for the very first time, the below newborn parenting tips can help you feel confident about caring for you newborn.

1. Handle them with care: Newborns are extremely delicate. Make sure to handle the baby with extreme care and hygiene. Wash your hands every time before picking him up. Support your baby’s neck and head while carrying him upright. Never shake your baby in any case. It can cause bleeding in brain or even death. Newborns are not ready for rough play so don’t jiggle them on the knee or throw them in the air.

2. Feed and Burp: Always feed your baby on demand. Your baby will give you cues like crying, sucking their fingers or making sucking noises. Generally, newborns need to be fed every 2-3 hours. To make sure weather your baby is getting enough milk, watch out for the pee count and weight gain. If your baby is peeing 7-8 times a day and is gaining 120- 130 grams per week and is sleeping well, it means he is having a good meal. Make sure to keep your baby in upright position right after you feed him and make your baby burp.

3. Diapering: Be prepared in advance and decide which one you are going to use, cloth diapers or disposable ones. Your baby is going to make a lot of diapers dirty. Do not ever leave your baby unattended on a changing table. Remove the soiled diaper as early as possible and after every bowel movement make sure to clean the private parts of your baby with soft and clean wipes. Use good anti-rash creams to prevent diaper rashes. If you are using cloth diapers, wash them in gentle and mild detergent.

4. Bathing and Sponging: Do not bathe your baby until umbilical cord falls off. Prepare a bathing kit in prior. Use gentle soaps and cleansers and mild lotion. Always bath your baby with warm water (not hot). Check the water by pouring a little on inside of your wrist. Never leave your baby alone in the bath tub, and always wrap your baby right after bath in a soft towel.

5. Sleeping Lessons: Newborns actually sleeps about 16 hours per day. So don’t be amazed. In the initial days, your might face sleepless nights but things change with time. Make sure to feed your baby properly before he falls asleep. Put your babies on their back to sleep to avoid the risk of SIDS. Don’t use heavy quilts, blankets or soft toys in the crib or bassinet and share the room till your baby turns 1.

A Few Parenting Advice For New Moms And Dads

The news of pregnancy is exciting for every couple. I can still remember the look of happiness and excitation on my partner’s face upon first hearing the news. Especially for the new moms, prior information, and practice can help a lot. I used to go to parenting classes with my partner, which helped me a great deal. The parenting tips for new moms  learned there assisted me to properly raise my baby. Let us know a few of them.

Important tips

The real job begins when you bring that vulnerable living bundle of joy home. The following guidelines can be heard in any Parenting Advice for New Moms and are known to be effective;

  • Careful handling: Newborns are delicate and should be handled with immense care. The hands should be sanitized before picking them up.
  • Feed and burp: Feed your baby as and when needed. Keep track of its weight, sleep time, and urination schedule to ensure proper food intake. Keep your baby in an upright position and make it burp.
  • Diapers: Use the material that suits your baby. Change as soon as the diaper is soiled, and wash the private parts with clean, soft wipes and good-quality anti-rash creams.

Other important observations

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are a few more things to keep track of. As I believe, always feeding your baby before putting it to sleep, using warm water to bathe and gentle cleansers and soaps can be effective for issue-free hygiene. You will learn more as you continue to care for your baby. Read our Indian Mom Blogs for more tips.


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